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Confident and resilient homicide detective Jennifer Scott is instinctively suspicious when her best friend's life is disrupted by the arrival of an unbeknownst twin sister. When a murder coincides with her appearance, the mysterious twin becomes the prime suspect.

Adding confusion to Jen's organized life is another unexpected intrusion, her handsome and sophisticated new partner, Detective Luke O'Connor. As mischievous as he is charming, chemistry between the two intensifies, threatening Jen's reputation and testing her limitations.

As the murder investigation unfolds, the detectives are forced to back-burner their heated connection while they race against time to figure out what other long-lost family members may be involved, how they're connected to the twins and why they've surfaced now.

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I was angry at myself for my body’s response that started the minute he walked up in his perfect suit. The return of his devilish grin didn’t improve my disposition. “It’s nothing,” I snapped.

“I’m good at reading people and that expression tells me you have something you’d like to discuss.”

Again, I hushed my voice, but I knew my irritation came across loud and clear. “Keep your voice down, damn it. I don’t need rumors starting from your asinine comments. We’re not going to play this cat and mouse game, Detective O’Connor. I am also good at reading people, that’s why we’re in this job. I’ve been around a few rodeos and met your smooth-talking type. The last one almost got me fired, so let’s establish a few things. I’m not a damsel in distress. I don’t need you to escort me or help me or hit on me or tell me how good I look on any given day. I don’t date cops and I don’t need you in my personal space every time I turn around. Are you picking up what I’m putting down here?”

About the Author:
My career has spanned many years in a mix of criminal and civil law and hospital surgical administrative work. Along with my work and life experience, I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Creative Writing Certificate both from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to take early retirement and pursue a career in writing, a pursuit I have entered into with energy and enthusiasm. I am currently a registered member of Toronto Romance Writers and Crime Writers of Canada.

My husband and I share our home in Grimsby, Ontario, with our youngest daughter, her boyfriend, our dog and two cats. But I spend a great deal of time at our cottage in Kincardine, Ontario near my daughter, son-in-law and first grandson. On these shores of Lake Huron, with some of the best walking trails in the country, my imagination soars and my best stories come to life.



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  1. A mysterious twin is a great twist.

    1. She is a great character in the story. Did you notice her in the upstairs window on the cover? Always watching!

  2. The pressure is on to come up with something new, yikes. This is my rookie virtual tour and I'm really excited to be here. Fun to tour without even leaving my desk. Thanks so much for hosting me!!

  3. I love mysteries involving a twin. I am adopted and I somehow always felt like I had a twin out there somewhere. But prob not. Anyway, sounds like a good read.

    1. Wow, your story is my main character's story! This is a very suspenseful read based around the twins' lives, but with a police procedural, office romance on the side. Thanks for stopping by to check it out! Sue

  4. Looks like a good book ... what was your inspiration for writing it?
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

    1. I worked in law and hospital administration for many years before I retired so I have a wealth of plot ideas involving real life police work and hospital goings on. I let my imagination run with some of my ideas and end up with this kind of suspenseful quick read with lots of twists and turns and a nice office romance on the side! Thanks so much for stopping by my tour, Sue

  5. Lovely book, had fun learning about it. Looks exciting. Cheers!


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