Awakening With Angels: Are You Awakening Yet?


Awakening With Angels: Are You Awakening Yet?

By My Lynn Ho

Non-fiction, Self-help

By Awakening with Angels, I attained true simplicity and harmony in my complex world.

With guidance from Angels, you can find simple happiness to balance your body, mind and spirit. A happy soul is a free spirit, and it's contagious.

Ask your Guidance Angel for guidance in your daily life even for the simplest tasks. The Angels would be delighted to assist.

Have you ever seen any of these Angels' numbers in your daily life: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 911, 1010, 1111, 1212?

There are spiritual clues everywhere on your journey. For instance, finding coins or dollar bills on the street – it's not pure luck but a spiritual sign.

You're not alone; your Guidance Angel is with you all along.

Love lessons are meant for the soul to learn, to strengthen the soul. Ask your Guidance Angel for guidance with your love life.

There are miracles happening every day. Pray and ask your Guidance Angel for guidance.


Being childlike has eased communication as I talk with my best friends, my Guidance Angels, every day. I share and discuss everything openly with my Guidance Angels. When I feel sad with awareness that my spiritual best friends foresaw, I open up emotionally and share my thoughts. I noticed my mood changes, and I felt better after the spiritual talk. Thanks to those spiritual moments of comfort from my spiritual best friends, my Guidance Angels, I never feel alone.

Someday your Guidance Angel will become your spiritual best friend if you let it be. Be limitless in your thoughts, and your world will be infinite. Let your imagination run free like a child—it will facilitate your relationship with your Guidance Angel in building a strong bond. Don’t take life too seriously. Have fun with spiritual growth and with the Angels. When it comes to the time when you feel at ease in your mind to share your thoughts openly with your Guidance Angel, I am certain your Guidance Angel will be delighted to become your spiritual best friend. Your constant thoughts spark out to the universe every day, and this is known by your Guidance Angel and by God. Therefore, there is nothing to hide and no choice but to be an open book. Free your mind to connect with the spiritual world. Be pure and be honest in your thoughts with your spiritual best friend, your Guidance Angel, to receive spiritual guidance. I hope that this is a fun approach to ease your mind to communicate with your Guidance Angel. Be a free spirit and create your own approach to connect with your Guidance Angel. Life is short—be amused and be open-minded. This is the 21st century, a new age, a new approach, and a new way of thinking to explore the spiritual world with Angels.

- Be amused. A free spirit will ease spiritual growth. -

About the Author

My Lynn Ho was born in Vietnam, grew up in Quebec City, and now lives in Ontario, Canada. With Divine timing, My Lynn's soul was guided to Awakening with Angels as her life was unfolding. In her book, My Lynn shares stories about her spiritual experiences with the Angels. She hopes to bring light and peace to you and your family. My Lynn chats with her best friends – her Guidance Angels – every day.

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  1. Thank you for hosting Awakening With Angels! God bless

  2. My Lynn, I enjoyed following the tour and learning about Awakening with Angels, which sounds like a great book and I love the title and cover! Thanks for sharing it with me and I hope the tour was a success! Good luck with your book and have a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Thank you so much Stormy for your kindness and you're very welcome. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season as well Stormy! God bless

    2. Thank you Stormy for your kindness and you're welcome. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season as well Stormy. God bless

  3. Sounds inspirational. I agree with the line, A happy soul is a free spirit


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