Mystery of the Eight Islands


Mystery of the Eight Islands (Trouble in Paradise)
by Terry Ambrose

About Mystery of the Eight Islands

Mystery of the Eight Islands (Trouble in Paradise)
Cozy Mystery
11th in Series
Independently Published (November 2, 2021)
Length: 325 pages

If you love senior sleuths in cozy mysteries, you’re going to love McKenna and his pal Chance Logan

Apartment manager and amateur sleuth McKenna wants a break from solving murders. Too bad his best friend, wannabe PI Chance Logan, doesn’t feel the same. Chance has found a case he thinks McKenna’s going to love—the death of prominent attorney Julian Carr, and the theft of a 125-year-old necklace that’s worth a quarter of a million dollars. Before long, McKenna’s feeling pressured from all sides—find the necklace, solve the murder. Sure. Why not just add save the world?

McKenna’s sure something fishy is going on when he and Chance meet with Julian’s granddaughter about the case. She’s created her own murder board with five suspects. The list includes an unstable, art-collecting veterinarian, a convicted felon, a disbarred attorney, a suspected art thief, and Julian’s new business partner.

As the investigation ramps up, McKenna and Chance see their leads drying out faster than laundry in the tropical sun. The really bad news is they’re not sure they can even find the Eight Islands or solve the murder. For once, McKenna’s worried they just might fail.

Why you might love this book
Tired of the same old cozy mystery fare? Then cozy up with male amateur detective McKenna and his PI wannabe pal Chance Logan in this Hawaii murder mystery. When it comes to senior sleuths in cozy mysteries, McKenna’s as sharp as they come, but with a fun dose of snarky attitude thrown in. Enjoy the ambience of Hawaii while you’re savoring a little murder in paradise.

Chance Logan’s problem

Hey, everybody, my name is Chance Logan. One of these days, my intention is to become a private investigator in Hawaii. I’ve been taking classes from the Phillip Marlowe Online Detective Agency. My friend, McKenna, has always thought the program was a scam. That’s kind of irrelevant because what the program did do was let us work together to solve some tough murder cases. 

My problem was that McKenna didn’t want to help with the latest case I found for us. For that matter, he never does. He always says he’s tired of solving murders, but I know better. Once he got involved in solving his first murder, he found out he was good at it. The tenants around the Sunsetter Apartments still talk about how McKenna changed once he found a new purpose.

I’ll admit we’d had some challenges. Ever since McKenna wrecked my Ferrari—the one he liked to rib me about because it was a smoking hot red rocket just like the one Thomas Magnum drove—he’s been trying to lay low. But that just wasn’t working. He was getting grumpy doing nothing, so I found a case, and it was a good one.

The case

I met Isabella Aiona Pescadero in a yoga class. Her grandfather had recently fallen down a set of stairs and died. Isabella believed her grandfather was pushed to his death. Officially, as far as the cops were concerned, Isabella’s grandfather died accidentally. I always thought Isabella deserved to know for sure.

The big question was, how would I get McKenna interested? He was making so much noise about wanting nothing to do with another murder investigation that I had to find another angle. And then Isabella mentioned a missing necklace. The necklace is called the Eight Islands and it’s worth a lot of money—and I do mean a lot. The necklace is also over a hundred years old and has significant historic value, so that’s like a double win. 

To get McKenna interested in this murder I had to take the back door. I got him interested in finding the Eight Islands, then he was like a dog with a bone and couldn’t let go of the murder case until we solved it. It was a pretty good plan if I do say so myself. McKenna got kind of grumpy when he found out I was trying to trick him into doing something he didn’t know he wanted to do, but it’s all good now.

A successful adventure

Anyway, as you might have guessed, the plan worked. It didn’t make McKenna happy, especially when Mrs. Nakamura, the old schoolteacher who scares him so much, got on him and told him he had to help. You can read about how all that happened in Mystery of the Eight Islands.

One of these days, McKenna will thank me for getting him involved in the case—after he forgets about the gun thing. McKenna hates guns, especially when they’re pointed at him. Whatever. He’ll get over it. Right?


About Terry Ambrose

Once upon a time, in a life he’d rather forget, Terry Ambrose tracked down deadbeats for a living. He also hired big guys with tow trucks to steal cars—but only when negotiations failed. Those years of chasing deadbeats taught him many valuable life lessons such as—always keep your car in the garage.

Terry has written eighteen books, several of which have been award finalists. In 2014, his thriller, “Con Game,” won the San Diego Book Awards for Best Action-Thriller. His series include the Trouble in Paradise McKenna Mysteries, the Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mysteries, and the License to Lie thriller series.
You can learn more about Terry and his writing at

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