The Winter Princess


The Winter Princess

by Miriam Newman

GENRE: Historical Fantasy Romance

Given to an enemy king to seal a treaty, Sereen of Havacia is known as The Winter Princess.  Can she ever find a summer of the heart?


“Enter, Princess, and be welcome.” Her escort vanished and Sereen was utterly alone with only the seer and the flicker of flame.

“I am honored.” She was familiar with the Mothers, who also served in Armatica, obedient to the authority in each country and sublimely indifferent to all of them. It was not that their tentacles did not thread through each locus of power, only that they did not flaunt it, so secretive that one could only speculate on their influence. Sereen wondered how close Vanus was to them, yet he had not seemed eager to admit their company. Her father had never trifled with them, either, saying it was unhealthy to do so.

“I bring greetings from the King,” Sereen said, dutifully making Vanus’s case—assuming he had any. “And charity for your works.” Deftly, she unwrapped the ties from around her waist, laying his purse carefully at the bare feet of Mother Jalena. Heavily shrouded elsewhere, still the seer observed the custom of keeping her feet bare to feel vibrations of the earth, said to be a powerful conveyor of prescience for those able to discern it. Sereen had toyed with such practices as most young girls did, enough to know that she had no gifts, only the ability to feel them in others.

“We are grateful.” Mother spoke through her veil. Sereen could barely see the outline of her lips moving and could not see her face at all. It was said that the Flame Mothers were scarred by fire ritual, but since their faces were never seen, it remained a mystery. Certainly her speech was not impaired and the hand with which she took Sereen’s offering was not marred, nor did it appear crone-like. She was a puzzle.

“And what do you seek of me?” Sereen sat down in front of her, legs folded, a dutiful supplicant.

“Only what most brides seek, I suppose,” she answered. “Whatever future you see for me in my marriage.”

Unexpectedly, Mother Jalena chuckled—a rich sound, not so ancient.  

“You have no future with Vanus,” she said, “but I need no prescience to know that.”

About the Author

Fantasy poetry driven by myths and legends has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I was published in poetry before catching the romance writing bug. I bring that background to my writing along with a lifelong addiction to horses, an 18 year career in various areas of psychiatric social services and many trips to Ireland, where I nurture my muse. My published works range from contemporary fantasy romance to fantasy historical, futuristic, science fiction and historical romance. Currently I live in rural Pennsylvania with a “motley crew” of rescue animals. You can see my books at

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  1. Thanks for hosting my Princess on your blog this morning. This is Book IV of my historical fantasy series, The Chronicles of Alcinia, and is free on Kindle Unlimited. The other books in the series are heavily discounted right now, so I hope readers will get acquainted with this family saga of love, war and mythical lands.

  2. The book cover of The Winter Princess by Miriam Newman really grabs the reader's eye. The reader's attention is focused on the face and head of the character on the cover.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  3. Interesting excerpt. Mother does sound like a puzzle.

  4. I enjoyed the excerpt and I can't wait to find out if Sereen finds her summer! Thanks for brining it to my attention and have a spectacular holiday season!

  5. What an awesome romance book. Looks well written.

  6. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and good luck in the drawing.

  7. A genre I enjoy reading. Sounds like an amazing world.

  8. Your book sounds very intriguing to read. Thank you for your giveaway.

  9. The combination of Historical/ Fantasy Romance sounds interesting! I love the cover.


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