December 30, 2021

A Day in the Life of Larry and Roger, A Pair of Diabetic Feet


A Day in the Life of Larry and Roger, A Pair of Diabetic Feet

by Vicki Myhre

GENRE: Non-fiction, Self-help, Self-improvement

"When we get to the end of our day, we want to sit back and reflect on everything we did, and we want to know in our hearts that we did a good job being good diabetics for another day."

A book for all ages, and whether you are diabetic or live with some one who is, this book is a valuable and educational read for everyone.

Larry the left foot and Roger the right foot are sure to delight and amuse you as they take you through a typical day in their lives. They show you how they strive to be the very best diabetics that they can be by living a healthy lifestyle every single day. As a result of dedication to their plan, they are certain that they will live longer, happier lives full of enjoyment and fun.

This is a multidimensional book featuring a short illustrated story that portrays a day in the life of a diabetic. On a whole different level, each page is full of great information for those who wish to dig a bit deeper into the whys and hows of simplifying diabetic life. It also includes many references, in a system that is built to help in teaching you how to find the answers to any questions that you may have.


When we get to the end of our day, we want to sit back and reflect on everything we did, and we want to know in our hearts that we did a good job being good diabetics for another day. I beat Roger to his daily question today: “Can you think of anything that we can do better tomorrow?” I ask. After quiet contemplation, we both shake our heads, smile, and agree that it was a spectacular day.

X marks the spot. Finding that perfect spot that keeps your blood sugars level, gives you the most energy, and makes you and your doctor happy is crucial. Remember, our diabetic team can do a lot for us, but it’s our job to commit to the program and be good diabetics. Roger and I create our own program with the support of our team of professionals. It’s not necessary for everyone to create a program, but it is important that we work hard to follow the one that’s provided for us.

Yesterday, we created and followed a healthy routine. Today, our goal was to make it a little bit better, and tomorrow is a brand-new day and another blank canvas on which to paint our life. We managed to fit all our necessary components into our busy day and still have a day packed with fun. Today we got our work time in, shared a lot of laughs, visited with some friends, ate healthy, got our exercise in, followed our medication regimen, enjoyed our bath and hygiene time, and still managed to get some rest time in. Tomorrow is a whole other day; we are excited to start it with another spectacular sunrise.

About the Author:

Vicki Myhre is a dedicated and experienced Certified Podologist who has specialized in diabetic foot care, with a focus on helping diabetics weave their way through a sea of information.

Vicki's mission is to use simplified and well-balanced information to help preserve the freedom of mobility, and improve quality of life for as many diabetics worldwide as possible. She has evolved from more than ten years of offering hands-on diabetic foot care and counselling, to advocating and reaching out to share her expertise.

After five years of sharing Larry and Roger's adventures in a column in the local magazine, Vicki decided it was time to take these characters to a broader audience, in an attempt to help even more diabetics continue to lead a healthy life, one STEP at a time, regardless of age or diabetic history.

Vicki's goal is to provide the reader with information that is simple to comprehend and is a positive addition to anyone's diabetic lifestyle.

She hopes you will visit her on her website, where her five years of columns full of fun, facts, recipes and information will remain posted so that you can enjoy them for free. While you are visiting there, please drop a line or comment, and she will always respond personally to you. You will also find access to all of her social media platforms through the website:
















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  1. I think your book is unique. We do need to take care of our feet. After all, they take us everywhere!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  2. Sounds like an informative book. My husband has diabetes with neuropathy in his feet.

  3. This is a wonderful funny name of a book and it can help so many people in a different and informative way. Hope you gain a lot of followers while being on tour. peggy clayton

  4. I can see how this could be very amusing, going by the title, and very useful.

  5. Lovely new book, cheers to your release.


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