Bluewater Bay Promise


Bluewater Bay Promise

Serenity Beach Series Book 1

by Lena Pearson

Genre: Women's Fiction, Sweet Romance 

Three Best friends. Two promises. One big fight to save a small beach town.

Second edition Includes an EPILOGUE and for ebook readers an additional BONUS EPILOGUE!

Megan Hollis' life is in shambles after being “fired” from her job. On the brink of losing the home she recently bought, Meg receives a job offer from Bluewater’s handsome and eligible Mayor who her best friend despises. Now, she has to make a choice that will leave her friendless or homeless.

Ciara, a lifelong resident of Bluewater, sees through the "promise" of local politicians. When the library is demolished, she makes her own promise to save her town from the threat of development, but has to face off against the town's Mayor who happens to be her twin brother.

Sharon is the glue of the trio, who left heart break in sunny California and returned to Bluewater to fulfill her dream of purchasing an old Victorian inn on Serenity Beach. Despite her cheerful outlook, Sharon holds pain from the past that she's kept from her friends.

Escape to Bluewater Bay, The Serenity Beach Series and discover how Megan, Ciara and Sharon navigate the tidal waves of this small beach town.

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Bluewater Bay Proposal

Serenity Beach Series Book 2

Ciara is a lifelong resident of Bluewater and the no-nonsense owner of the town’s most popular restaurant, The Blue Lobster Grill. When one town treasure after another is demolished, Ciara and her friends see a sinister pattern, then learn about the plan to cash in on Bluewater Bay’s quaint location by the sea.

Determined to save Bluewater from destruction, Ciara, with the support of her friends, takes on the bully Sheriff and runs for Mayor. Meanwhile, the developers are making progress with the help of Chase Stiles, a tattooed, Harley driving, arrogant architect. His eyes are on Ciara, and he’s not making it easy for her.

During the campaign, Ciara’s restaurant burns down and forces her to close. While she grapples with the sudden death of a dear friend and losing her business, the local authorities accuse her of arson. Soon after, Ciara receives damaging revelations that pressure her to reconcile with her estranged brother to win the election and accept the proposal of his old college friend, Chase Stiles. Will Ciara submit or find a way through it all?

Escape to Bluewater Bay, The Serenity Beach Series and discover how Ciara, Megan and Sharon navigate the tidal waves of this small beach town.

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Lena writes heartwarming books with New England charm. Her favorite place to write is her lady cave, but any old sofa will do. Lena grew up in the Boston area and returns often to visit family and refresh her accent. She calls Maryland home where everyone says she talks funny, but New England is her heart. Lena lives with her husband in a nearly empty nest where she is thoroughly enjoying washing fewer clothes and making reservations instead of dinner. Connect with Lena on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Sounds like a lot going on. thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Debby,
      You're right. There is a lot for Ciara to figure out. Luckily she has the chops to do it even though the stakes are high. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Sounds like a book I will enjoy reading.

    1. Hi Rita,
      If you get a chance to pick it up, let me know how you enjoy the book. Take care.


  3. I like the cover of the book. Sounds like a beautiful story!

    1. Awww, thanks Antoinette. I enjoyed writing the story and the cover is soothing.

  4. Your covers are so eye catching love that.. Wishing you many new readers to the tour peggy clayton

  5. Thank you Peggy! I'm excited to have new readers enjoy my stories.

  6. The covers are lovely and a great indication of the setting.

  7. Wonderful bright new book! Best wishes :)

  8. Megan, Ciera and Sharon are amazing characters. I will be excited to read about their interactions.


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