Ya Gotta Laugh


Ya Gotta Laugh

by Barbara Alldritt     

GENRE: Short Stories, Contemporary

In "YA GOTTA LAUGH", Barbara Alldritt presents a series of short stories based on her own experiences, and those of others, about living life with joy & happiness, in spite of life's challenges.

While pursuing an academic career, Barbara was hit hard by a debilitating disease. She quickly determined she needed a new direction in life. Always interested in writing, she turned to creating stories about this new path.

These are stories that show that even in trying circumstances, there are still ways to find humour.


I was just over forty when I began to wonder if the final scenes of my mortality—my death—might be closer than I had always assumed. Facing this through my intellectual bent, I decided I should read how others thought about death. My solution was to read accounts of near-death experiences. And having been a world traveller with an interest in other cultures, I also decided it was time to read The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

Both sources told me, in different ways, that there was no need to fear the transition between life and death. They told me my spirit was the bridge between the two states, and that the only thing I had to fear was fear itself. Other readings told me that the two states of life and death are in essence the same. Understanding this seeming paradox took some time, but I eventually “got it.” For me it has to do with knowing that as a human I am eternal spirit first, and that the overarching importance our culture gives to the body and the mind is misplaced. I later read that those people who encounter death early in life are, in fact, fortunate because this experience deepens their appreciation for every moment in life.

That didn’t mean I never felt overwhelmed by the challenges I faced. I did. I once went so far as to tell Michael that I had a plan for how to end my life if I ever felt I couldn’t bear to live anymore. I was deeply touched, and somewhat surprised, when his response was to put his arms around me and tell me that he wanted to be with me if that time ever came. No denial, no evading the issue, no tears—just a deep acceptance of the validity of my right to choose when and how to die if this was what I wanted to do.

About the Author:


Barbara Alldritt was born and raised on a farm in Saskatchewan and although there was always work around the farm she preferred hiding behind the couch reading a book rather than be out in the fields hoeing potatoes or washing dishes in the kitchen. After High school she travelled extensively in Western Canada and then set out on a 2-year adventure around the world and met her husband on that trip in Western Samoa. They returned to Canada settling in Calgary. Barbara then returned to higher education at the University of Calgary and completed her Honours Degree in 1988, and was awarded the Faculty of General Studies Gold Medal and the Lieutenant Governor’s Gold Medal for that year.

They then moved to Vancouver, BC, and Barbara entered a master’s program at UBC. In the throes of completing her MA and preparing to start her PhD, MS hit her hard and put a stop to her academic work.

Needing a new direction and given her interest in both research and writing she looked into many options for maintaining her health from taking up aqua-fitness to nutrition and what she should and should not eat.She also became active in the MS Society and produced their newsletter, in which she wrote stories that looked at the humorous side of living with a disability. 

Many who read her stories were inspired to contact her to tell their own tales and adventures. She interviewed them and added them to the newsletter, resulting in this compendium of stories.


WEBSITE - https://barbaraalldritt.com/ 

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  1. sounds like a great collection of short stories.

  2. Looks like a great book. I like short stories.

  3. Sounds like an interesting book.

  4. I have enjoyed reading the synopsis and excerpt, this sounds like a great collection of humorous short stories. I am looking forward to reading this one

  5. Sometimes you just have to laugh about it.

  6. I like the cover. The color caught my eye.

  7. I really love the book title.

  8. This sounds like a book that would be interesting and informative reading.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  9. This sounds like a very good read.

  10. Sometimes the best laugh is one that comes from a completely unexpected source.


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