Just a Little More Magic


Just a Little More Magic

A Here Witchy Witchy Anthology

Genre: Urban Fantasy

featuring stories by:

A.L. Kessler, Juli McDaniel, K.P. McGuffey & Alexis L. Carroll

The world of Abigail Collins and the Here Witchy Witchy universe is growing. New locations, new agents, and new paranormal crimes and mysteries. Each story adds a fresh layer to the HWW world of PIB, shifters, vampires, and more!

When a woman wakes up with no memory of who she is, can PIB Agent Nathaniel Ryan figure out who she is before her old life is gone for good?

A man found dead on the side of the road, drained of blood. Agents Smith and Ford need to find the killer before they strike again.

Witches are going missing, and Misty is determined to find them all before they turn up dead, but she never imagined who–or what–would end up be her partner.

The Academy tasks PIB cadets Dakota and Brie with finding out who blew up their toilet, but when another explosion rocks the campus, can the girls figure out who is targeting them?

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A.L. Kessler is best known for her Here Witchy Witchy series. She lives in Colorado Springs, CO. She’s often found working on the couch and can be bribed with gifts of chocolate and coffee.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok

Juli McDaniel is a Colorado native, residing in Colorado Springs since 2000. As a full-time mom, she can be found shuttling to and from school or spending quality time with family and friends. Juli can be bribed with chocolate and Dr. Pepper any day of the week and believes that carbs are a love language!

Alexis L. Carroll likes long walks on the beach in search of mermaids, getting caught in the rain with dragons, and having vampires and werewolves over for a backyard bbq. She can often be found in the salon where she styles hair, writing paranormal and fantasy stories in between clients. When she is not multitasking careers, Alexis loves to explore new places and eat good food in the state of Oregon, where she lives with her mate, two doppelgangers, and hellhounds.

Join Alexis and her adventures on any of these social medias:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

An avid reader since childhood, K. P. McGuffey loves the many adventures a book holds. She is a fan of anything Scottish, including Outlander. She recently has found BTS and K-Drama to be her guilty pleasures. She lives in East Tennessee with her dog, earless cat, and adult children.


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  1. Sounds great, I like the cover.

  2. Sounds like a good book. I like the cover.

  3. I like the color graphics on the cover. I love anything Witchy

  4. Sounds interesting.. a new theme to discover.

  5. Looks like a lot of magic, which I love.

  6. This sounds like a good book. Great cover!

  7. Sounds interesting. thanks for the post.

  8. This combination of paranormal and mystery sounds like it’s sure to hold my interest.

  9. I am not generally a reader of anthologies, but this one sounds better than a lot of them. I especially like the fact that the stories seem to be somewhat interconnected.

  10. This sounds like a must read for me! I love the plot and the cover art as well! :)

  11. Thank you everyone for the compliments on the cover! Thank you Literary Au for hosting us!-A.L. Kessler


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