One April After the War


One April After the War

by G.S. Boarman

GENRE: Historical Fiction

When Mary Warner is requested to attend a meeting with her estranged godfather, President Ulysses S. Grant, she quickly finds that an invitation from the office of the President is an offer she can’t refuse.

Fresh from concluding a counterfeiting sting in Cincinnati, Secret Service agents Merritt and Argent are tasked by the President to convince Miss Warner to return with them to Washington, D. C. For the two Treasury agents, this simple assignment to escort the socially awkward and willful young woman on an 800-mile railroad journey from Louisville, Kentucky to the White House proves far more interesting and difficult than the men could have ever thought possible. And, in the face of danger, it may just turn out that Mary is more of an asset than a problem for the two agents.

For Mary Warner, the trip begins to take on a sinister meaning as she finds herself virtual prisoner to Merritt and Argent. Madness, morality, and murder all swirl in a strange April storm at midnight turning this odd odyssey into something so much more than a mere trip between cities.


Merritt rarely expressed real surprise or astonishment, but in this instance, he repeated rather loudly, “Indecent exposure?!” earning him suspicious looks from several passersby. Lowering his voice, he said, “There must be some mistake. M can hardly bring herself to speak to other people, much less engage in lewd behavior.”


“No, I can’t believe it of her, either; but she has been in custody these four hours, and according to that note, she was due to be transferred to the workhouse an hour ago, if she could not find the means to pay her bail.”

…Argent said, “She will never forgive us for taking so long to come to her aid.”

About the Author:

After the death of G. S. Boarman, a great niece cleaned out the old Kentucky family farmhouse and in the attic, amid the rusting coffee mill, the rickety outdated furniture that was still awaiting repairs, and the stacks of vermin-eaten Harper’s Weekly’s and Police Gazette’s, she found a curious box marked simply “M”.

On the kitchen floor, the metal hasps were flipped back and the top pried off. Lying on the top of a very neat and orderly collection of things was a scrapbook and lying loose inside the scrap book was a note that said simply, “Please finish the story.” The scrapbook itself contained a rough outline of a narrative with sometimes undecipherable glosses and cryptic references to mysterious sources.

From letters and notebooks, ledgers and calendars, train schedules and stockholders’ reports, the story was slowly extracted and pieced together, and the small treasures, carefully wrapped and preserved in the box, took their place in the narrative.

Boarman’s will had already been read, probated, and executed, but the niece, as executrix, felt obligated to fulfill Boarman’s last wish — to breathe life into the long-ago story of a woman who held some importance to Boarman.



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  1. I like the cover and expert. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting and sharing G.S. Boarman's new book with your readers!

  3. I love historical fiction and this sounds like a great adventure

  4. Looks spectacular, cool stuff! Had fun learning about it.

  5. Great excerpt and giveaway. :)

  6. I'm going to enjoy the intrigue with this one.

  7. I like the cover. It gives the reader a glimpse of the what’s ahead.

  8. This sounds like a good read for me!

  9. This book sounds very interesting. Thanks!


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