Fairly Royal


Fairly Royal

by Grace Grahme

GENRE: Contemporary Romance

Can a ruse of a royal relationship result in a real romance?

Philip has a problem.

Namely, his relationship to the throne.

Well, that and paparazzi hounding him, plus family obligations on steroids.

Years ago, the notoriously private Earl of Arburne and Glasgow’s #1 most eligible bachelor decided relationships were impossible with his unique pressures.

So he avoids anything serious. Hell, he avoids dating at all.

When he lands in yet another tabloid headline, he has the brilliant (or brilliantly stupid) idea to give the tabloids what they want.

A romance.

No one needs to know it’s fake.

But when he enlists beautiful, bold, and outspoken Anna McDonnell, his best friend’s little sister, he finds himself with a whole new set of troubles.

Anna’s rules for their ruse make their arrangement feel far from pretend. Counterfeit feels more and more like something authentic.

And in the realm of royalty and public scrutiny, anything real and pure can’t survive.

Philip has a problem.

Will this liason be a love-match or will their fling fall flat?

Fairly Royal is the page-turning third book in The Fair Series of contemporary billionaire romances. If you like bold heroines, billionaire heroes, and plenty of steam, then you’ll adore Grace Grahme’s royal romance.

NOTE: This book is part of a series

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“You’re freaking me out, Phillip. Do you need a kidney or something?”

He chuckled but didn’t look amused. “Nothing quite so grave.” He took a sip of the whisky and cleared his throat. “Have you seen the paper today?”

“The paper?” she asked as he pulled a newspaper from his jacket. “You read The Daily Gazette?”

“Not by choice. I’d rather eat rats.” He tapped a picture in the corner.

“A new lady for the lord? Who writes this crap?” She flipped to the story and skimmed it. The pictures were good. She looked great. “Okay, so we were in the paper. Is this a big deal? They write about you all the time.”

“I apologize for you being a subject of speculation. Nobody should have unwanted attention thrust on them. I’m a very private man, Anna, mostly out of necessity to avoid this kind of thing. But my reluctance to give them coverage makes them prone to making up stories about me.”

“Aye. Like when you took Janet to the Charity Awards. The papers had a field day when she went to the event with you, but left with my brother.”

“Right. Classic example. There’s a lot of pressure on me to settle down, especially from my family. But I don’t want to get married and expose a wife to the structured life I lead and the restrictions due to my title.”

Anna nodded. Janet said last night how Phillip resented his place in the peerage. That still didn’t explain why he was here.

“Too much bowing and scraping?” she joked.

 “Something like that.”

“Ya ken that the Estate is always open if you need to get away, right? We don’t care about your title.”

“You don’t care much about the peerage. You’re bolder than anyone I know because of your disregard for the politics that come with Society.”

“Och, dinnae remind me. Robbie’s harping at me to watch my tongue, given all the marketing he expects me to do.”

“It’s why I’m here, though.” He smiled, and her heart twisted at how it transformed his face. “If I had a girlfriend, the papers would stop caring who I went to what event with and, even better, my family would leave me in peace. You’re strong enough to withstand the scrutiny of the gossip columnists and my mother. You’d be the perfect girlfriend.”

“Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?” 

“In name only. Let’s keep up the charade the paper started. Pretend to be my girlfriend, and it’ll give me some peace.”

A pretend girlfriend. Her heart shriveled. He didn’t want to date her. He just wanted her help. She took a sip of whisky, buying time before answering. He couldn’t know how his words dashed her hope of a romance with him. It wasn’t like he knew she had a crush on him.

About the Author:

I love reading and I love writing even more- I balance (not always successfully) writing, a career, a family, and a menagerie of rescued dogs, cats, and backyard chickens.

Writing allows me to live vicariously through my characters, escape to worlds and experiences I might never have, and my characters always have a witty response or a perfect retort. (no more 5 hours later having the thought of 'that's what I should have said!')

I'm an avid coffee consumer and adult beverage fan. I love catching up with my friends on Marco Polo and working out at they gym. I avoid cleaning, cardio, and carbs- unless it's an emergency.

I carve out writing time by starting my day at 515am. Which unfortunately means I'm in bed earlier than I'd like. And I still don’t get my to-do list done!

Q&A With The Author


When did you first consider yourself to be a writer?

A: I wrote my first book in 6th grade, but I guess I truly felt like a reader after I published book 1 in May of 2021. Putting your work out there where strangers will read it is a big step. I still get nervous when I release a book out into the wilds.

What advice do you have for a new writer?

A. Writing is easy, marketing is hard. And Writing isn't really that easy. But the truth is, you can write the best book ever, but if you don't market it, it's going to languish in obscurity. So get used to your new role of Chief Marketing Officer as well.

What is the easiest part of the writing process for you?

A. See answer above. >wink< Writing! I love writing the story and seeing the vision in my head become reality on paper.

What is your favorite part of this story?

A. I love that it's Phillip's character that has the growth arc and his starchy personality is challenged and changed by Anna's breezy attitude. I have two favorite scenes in Fairly Royal, one is when Anna confronts another character in the story wearing only Phillip's shirt. It cracked me up writing it. The other is when Phillip asks his grandmother a question at the very end of the story, and her answer stuns him. That was a late change to the book due to some beta reader feedback and the book is stronger for the change.

Which Character was the most fun to write about? Why? 

A. The side characters are often the most fun because you don't dive into their psyche too much and they can be funny or bring trouble or create a shift. And then sometimes those side characters become the main characters in future books.

Which Character was the hardest to write about? Why?

A. I'm generally more serious, so writing lighthearted, witty characters seems challenging- but once I hit the groove, it gets easier. I'm releasing a romcom Christmas novel in December- now THAT is scary. Please please please let it be at least humorous.

















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