Grief Club


Grief Club

by JL Bowers

Genre: Thriller 

A gripping new novel from the author of A Good Lie.

Jessica Mulraney and Damian Ford are two strangers whose lives have been torn apart by loss. Grief Club was meant to be their sanctuary, a place to help them heal and recover from their grief. But strange things begin to happen at the meetings; and as they learn more about each other and the other members, they come to a shocking realization.

What ties the members of Grief Club together is more than grief. And the support group that was meant to be their refuge, might turn out to be their ruin.

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JL Bowers lives in Los Angeles--alone, except for a handful of furry creatures and an overactive imagination.

From the author:

"I've worked in the movie industry for over twenty years, learning the art of storytelling by watching the masters at work. I tend to think visually because of this, and I think it helps my writing. I write as if I am seeing it on the screen."

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  1. An intriguing title and cover. Sounds like an exciting thriller.

  2. Where did you come up with the idea for this book -?

    1. My brain works in odd ways. That OCD worry thing sometimes pays off. :)

  3. Exciting to learn about for sure, seems neat.

  4. I love the idea for this book. Grief club sounds very intriguing.

  5. Thanks for posting. And thank for all the nice comments!


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