Dead Stars and Stone Arches


Dead Stars and Stone Arches

A Collection of Utah Horror

Presented by Timber Ghost Press 

There is something out there, just beyond the reach of human understanding. It flits at the corner of our eyes and titillates the hairs on the back of our necks. You can feel it sometimes, just under your skin. Fortunately, most of us will never know the full extent of what lies sleeping in the cosmos. They are the lucky ones. However, those few who glimpse the maddening truth become forever changed. Contained within this esoteric tome are thirty-seven stories and poems about forbidden knowledge, hidden terrors, and mind-breaking horrors that lurk in the dark places of the earth. Be warned, though, there's no stopping once you start this journey, and sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Featuring poems and stories by:

Michael Jess Alexander, Mickie Bolling-Burke, J.M. Cullen, Daniel Cureton, Steven Dee Kish, Donald Evans, Nicholas J. Evans, K. Scott Forman, Arthur Goodhill, Joseph Hope, Derek Hutchins, C.R. Langille, C.H. Lindsay, Carter Lappin, Bryan McEntire, D.J. Moore, Eric Nirschel, Lehua Parker, Cygnus Perry, Jonathan Reddoch, Levi Robinson, Nnandi Samuel, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Henry Snider, Joshua P. Sorensen, Paul Starkey, S.J. Townend, Heidi Voss, Chad A.B. Wilson, William R.D. Wood

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  1. Why Utah? A region known for the weird and wonderful?

  2. The book sounds wonderfully creepy. The cover is eye-catching.

  3. Spooky vibes in july.. spikes curiosity.

  4. I will remain perfectly comfortable being one of those who does not react to the 'spooky vibes'!


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