The Undeniable Truth



by Diana Rhodes

GENRE:  Urban Romance

Is who you have become who you really are?

People are lost. They are roaming around looking for answers and can not find them in the typical places where answers should be. They are looking for the truth and that is hard to find in a world that is bombarded with false messages, lies and manipulations.

The truth as we once knew it has become distorted. The world has become inverted, turned inside out and it is only getting worse.

Only those who have the spiritual fortitude to fight their way through will get to the ultimate truth, the undeniable truth. At that level, all will be revealed including the truth about who you are, why you had to go through the things you went through and ultimately, what God’s purpose is for your life. (Hint: The answer has something to do with the gifts he gave you)

For some of us, in the beginning it is a turbulent journey at best, one that starts off with disappointment, heartache and pain, but that is where perseverance comes in. For those of you who are able to move beyond our circumstances and still honor that energy that is God, there is a reward!


“And your cousin, he was amazing,” I pointed out. Before Wesley could respond, a deep voice from behind me caressed

my ears softly.

“I’m glad you think so.”

I turned around to find this gorgeous man standing behind me. His masculine cologne wafted under my nose making him even more appealing. He was 6ft of confidence. He smiled as he looked down into my eyes and I felt my breath leave me temporarily. I was suddenly at a loss for words.

“Hey John, this is my friend, Truth. I told you about her,”Wesley interjected. He must have sensed I was a bit nervous.

I had never felt that way before. I was usually very confident.

I had to be confident to twirl around a pole in front of a bunch of howling men every night.

About the Author:

Diana Rhodes is an African-American playwright, screenwriter and author. She is the proud mother of two sons and has written, directed and produced several Off-Broadway plays. She is most noted for her theatrical production of “Troubled Little Angel”, a tribute to the life and legacy of R & B songstress Phyllis Hyman.

Diana continued her writing after moving from New York to Atlanta in 2015 and a few years later was selected as one of the contributing playwrights in the annual production of 50In50 “Letters to Our Sons”, a production usually performed at the Billie Holiday Theater. Her works also include an impressive list of short stories featured on the Ebook website Write On Press.




Available in Paperback $19.99

Available in Ebook $3.99 (July 15, 2022)



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  1. Really cool themed book! Cheers to your exciting tour.

  2. Happy Friday! I hope that you have enjoyed your book tour and I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. I have enjoyed reading about you and your work throughout this tour and I am looking forward to reading The Undeniable Truth

  3. This sounds like a good read.

  4. This book sounds inspiring :) .

    Thank you for the giveaway :) !



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