Love is for the Dogs


Love is for the Dogs

by Annee Jones

GENRE:   Clean contemporary romance

A coveted award…a missing Maltese…and a cheating ex… Can Trisha Campbell survive this year’s dog show competition in Last Chance Beach, much less walk away without a broken heart?

If there’s one thing vet tech Trisha Campbell knows, it’s dogs. Men, however, not so much. Especially ever since catching her ex-boyfriend, Miami P.D. Landon Prescott, kissing her arch-nemesis, Blythe Baker, at last year’s dog show after Blythe’s pup Princess took home the grand prize. Needless to say, Trisha's not looking forward to seeing either of them again at this year’s competition in Last Chance Beach, even if her beloved Maltese, Chloe, is a front-runner for the coveted trophy.

Soon after arriving on the island for the week-long event, Princess goes missing and everyone fingers Trisha as the dog-napper since her pooch is Princess’ main opponent. With not only the prize money but also her reputation at stake, Trisha’s willing to join forces with none other than her cheating ex. Can she and Landon figure out a way to work together to catch the culprit and find the missing Maltese before the whole competition goes straight to the dogs? And what happens when they find themselves alone together at last?


“I can’t believe this!” Trisha said as Landon steered her back toward the boardwalk. “Am I really a suspect?”

“No,” he said firmly. “I know you, Trisha. You love animals and you believe in fairness. I know you’d never steal, much less harm, Blythe’s dog. I’m sure your name will be cleared officially once Graham has a chance to touch base with Mrs. Butterworth.”

“Thank you,” she said, relieved. “At least you believe me.”

“Of course,” he said. “Always.” 

They walked a little while in silence, processing the turn of events.

“So, I guess you’ve probably figured out that Blythe and I are not together?” Landon asked, breaking the silence. 

Trisha nodded. “Yes, I got that,” she said. “But I still don’t want to talk about what happened last year.”

He blew out a breath of frustration. “I really wish you’d let me explain.”

“Look, I’m suddenly being investigated as a dog-napper!” she cried, eyes filling with tears. “I’m a veterinary technician! This is my reputation! And you know the rumor mill – people are going to suspect that I had something to do with this no matter what until Princess gets found. This could jeopardize my career!”

“Okay, okay, you win,” Landon said. “I’m sorry. You’re right, finding Blythe’s dog and clearing your name is the main priority right now. Please say you’ll least let me help?” His dark eyes were pleading. How could she resist?

“I think I need all the help I can get right now,” she said. “Even from you.” 

He smiled in response. “You won’t regret this,” he said. 

But the pull in her heart told her she already did.  

About the Author:

Author Annee Jones loves to write all things romance, fantasy, cozy mystery, & more. She is passionate about writing stories where dreams come true, and love wins in the end! 

Professionally, Annee works as a disability counselor where she helps her clients navigate through complex medical and legal systems while rediscovering their wholeness in Spirit.

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  1. I am in love with this cover. It just makes you smile.

  2. I am so glad that your book is on tour I have read many of your books and I just love any book that has dogs or cats involved. peggy clayton

  3. I love the sweet cover. Sounds like a great clean read.

  4. This cover is too cute! I loved the synopsis and excerpt, Love is for the Dogs is a must read for me and I am looking forward to it. Thank you for sharing the author's bio and book details

  5. Sounds like a good book.

  6. Sounds like a heart warming page turner.


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