Last Chance Town


Last Chance Town

Further Adventures Along the Road Without End

by Ron Kearse

GENRE: Fiction

In this, the Further Adventures Along the Road Without End, we fast forward from where the story left off in 1983, to Vancouver, BC, in 1988. Warren Givens has completed his second jail sentence four years previous, after which he's vowed to lay low and stay clean so there's no return to "Clown-College," as he calls it.

A chance meeting at a pub one night introduces us to Daryl Kellerman, at first as Givens' one night stand, which quickly develops into a love and live-in relationship between them.

Warren's distant past comes front-and-centre in the form of his birth mother, who lost him to Social Services before he was ten years old, and has been looking for him ever since.

We get to know Warren's past and what's made him the way he is.

This, along with some other drastic life changing occurrences, propel Warren into a life he never thought he would live.

Later, we get to know what life was like living with Givens through Daryl's eyes as he reminisces over the years since their initial meeting.

Last Chance Town is the third book in the Road Without End Trilogy.

Exclusive Excerpt:

They’re best friends and worst enemies, there have even been rumours they’re actually a couple, but I’ve not seen anything that would substantiate that. They do, however, fight like a married couple, having had very public spats ever since I’ve lived in this building. Their apartments are beside each other on the main floor just off the lobby, and stories of their spats go back about twenty years or more, depending on who it is you’re talking to in the building.

So, the two of them were out in the lobby, having yet another spat for the building to see, and the energy level was high while Conrad was trying to diffuse the situation and rapidly losing his patience.

“You’re just a fuck-up!” Wayne pointing an accusing finger to Charlie.

“It wasn’t me blarin’ Arsehole Sam all damn morning!” shouted Charlie.

“It’s not Arsehole Sam, it’s Frankie Yankovic! You’re Arsehole Sam! And you wouldn’t know good music if it slapped ya in the arse!”

“Like hell I’m Arsehole Sam! YOU ARE!”



By this time, they were both yelling in unison to each other.





“NO! YOU ARE!” Charlie pointed his ass toward Wayne and ripped a fart.

“Did you see that!” Wayne to Conrad. “Did you see what he did? That old bugger’s been doing that to me ALL DAMN MORNING!!”



“WILL YOU GUYS GROW UP!” yelled Conrad.

Charlie and Wayne were stunned silent, but only momentarily.

“We don’t need to take that,” Charlie said indignantly.

“Damn rights we don’t,” Wayne agreed. “Come into my place for a beer, Charlie.”

About the Author:

Ron Kearse had a nomadic upbringing and finds inspiration in traveling, art, friends, reading, and photography. He's written reviews and features for local periodicals, co-hosted radio programs, conducted interviews on-air and in print, and has a colourful and varied resumé. He's hosted art exhibitions of his works and has had his photographs displayed in public showings. He presently lives in Victoria, BC, with his partner, James.

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