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An epic journey of adventure, heroism, and self-exploration through the eyes of a teenage boy named Siba.

Siba’s life takes an exciting turn when his pet parrot takes him to a magical forest. He explores the mysterious forest-dwellers and the precious ancient wisdoms of the fantasy world when a sudden tragedy jeopardizes life on earth. To save the world, he must embark on a legendary journey to the Pole Star.

Siba encounters many mythical creatures and numerous thrilling challenges that jolt him to his core. They leave burning questions in his mind about the world and his own existence. He must dive into the dark labyrinths of his mind, for the last hope of saving humanity seems to be hidden there.

Can he solve the mysteries of the mystical world and his inner world? Can he complete his journey to the Pole Star and save the world?

A perfect blend of fantasy, mysticism, and spirituality that explores the answer to the eternal question – Who Am I?

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Master Sung Tzu smilingly stared at the demoralized boy. “Don’t worry. The Great Forest has sent you to the right place. I’ll help you. Close your eyes and tell me what you see?”

Siba closed his eyes and replied, “I don’t see anything. It’s just dark and black.”

“Try harder. Try to see what’s going on in your body, in your mind, in your thoughts.”

“No, Master. I still don’t see anything.”

“You can’t see because you are not focused. Let’s say, focus on a dog. Do you see it now?”

“Yes, Master. I see Limpoo.”

“Limpoo? What’s Limpoo? I said dog.”

“Limpoo is my dog. I see him running toward me.”

“Oh! Ok! Where is he running? On the road or the ground? Where?”

“Nowhere. He’s just running on a black background. There’s nothing else, only him.”

“That’s enough. Open your eyes. That black background is your mind’s eye and part of it formed the colorful moving image of the dog. Some say, it’s the third eye. You can visualize anything in that eye. In fact, whatever your two eyes see, their image is actually formed in your mind’s eye. Not only the eyes but the processing of information from your other senses also takes place there. Your sensory organs are just tools to collect outside information. It’s the mind’s eye, which actually sees, smells, tastes, hears, and feels.”

About the Author:B. Singh grew up in a small city, Chandigarh, located near the foothills of the mighty Himalayas in northwest India. Since his childhood, he has always had an inquisitive mindset. He doesn’t settle for the pre-existing answers if they don’t make sense to him. Instead, he explores, experiments, and finds the answer himself. He has traveled across India from north to south not only for his education but also to explore different cultures and values. To continue his journey of exploration, he moved from India to Canada. After graduating from the University of Windsor, Canada, he conceived the idea of compiling his learnings in the form of a spiritual fantasy book. This well-crafted and awe-inspiring adventurous journey into a fantasy world is full of chiseled gems of wisdom that will enrich the lives of every human being on earth.


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