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I’m going to try to do a weekly recap this year. This recap will include posts from Literary Gold blog as well as a recap of the books I have read.  

Why am I doing this? 

As some of you may be aware, I’ve been battling Uterine Cancer the past few years. In February of 2022, I was informed the cancer had returned for a THIRD time.  Due to the side effects of the treatment, I put my reading and reviewing on pause.  It is rumored that I have put this beast in remission once again, and I am now ready to start reading and challenging myself again.  I currently prefer audiobooks as they allow me to multi-task, but I am also looking forward to putting a dent in my 15K TBR Kindle list, as well as reading physical books in the coming  year.


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  1. Butterflies Blue by Daniel Maldonado - Fiction
  2. From the Streets of Chamber Lane by Daniel Maldonado - Fiction
  3. Three Bullets For The Cactus Kid by Louis L'Amour - Western
  4. The Itch of Murder by Christa Nardi - Cozy Mystery
  5. Anasazi Intrigue by Linda Weaver Clarke - Mystery
  6. Drama Games: The Complete Trilogy by Arielle Morisot - Contemporary Romance
  7. Sisters & Switchery by Donna Muse - Cozy Mystery
  8. Hide Nor Hair by JoAnn Lamon Reccoppa -    Cozy Mystery
  9. Eagles In Flight by Ramcy Diek - Romantic Suspense
  10. For Whom the Limo Rolls by Lorena McCourtney - Cozy Mystery
  11. Faking My Fall Crush by Michelle Cornish - Romantic Comedy
  12. Snagging My Summer Love by Michelle Cornish - Romantic Comedy
  13. Melt With You by Melissa Brown - Contemporary Romance
  14. The Square Root of Murder by Camille Minichino - Cozy Mystery
  15. The Probability of Murder by Camille Minichino - Cozy Mystery
  16. The New Teacher by Erin Lark Maples - Cozy Mystery

Not too shabby for the first week of the year, if I say so myself! Have you made yourself a Resolution for the New Year to read more?  Do you track your reading throughout the year? Tell me about it in the comments. 


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