Olive's Birthday



Olive's Birthday

Choosy Olive Series Book 1

by Elizabeth & Roger Milbourn

Genre: Children's Picture Book 

Olive is very excited about her birthday! What presents will she get? What sort of party will she have? What will her birthday cake be like? Help Olive Choose. In this first book of the Choosy Olive series, the reader gets to decide how Olive's birthday unfolds. See if you can dodge the odd outcomes. Help children feel empowered and learn about the consequences of choice from an early age in a fun and silly way with Olive as she embarks on her day to day childhood journey.

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Elizabeth and Roger's children's book, Olive’s Birthday, has been a work in progress for over 5 years. Life got in the way a bit as did running around after their young children. Olive’s Birthday is the first book in the 'Choosy Olive' series, which allows readers to choose how the stories unfold. Elizabeth and Roger wanted to create something a bit different in a picture book and are passionate about giving children choices (within appropriate boundaries!) to empower them. Elizabeth is an avid reader and will read anything and everything but can barely go a day without an Agatha Christie fix. Roger loves children's books and reading to their children and is partial to a non-fiction. Elizabeth is Australian but has called England her home for nearly two decades. Her and Roger (originally from Liverpool) live in the Worcestershire countryside with their two children and quite a lot of pets. When not writing or reading, they spend most of their time washing mud off the children and the dog.

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  1. I love this book and my students would love for me to read them a print copy on their birthday so would my 11 grandkids thank you for going on tour with Olive! peggy clayton

  2. My girls will be so excited that this book, 'Olive's Birthday' will be a series. They always look forward to the next book in a series.

  3. The cover is so cute. I know readers will fall in love with Olive.

  4. Looking like a solid book, cheers.

  5. This looks delightful. thanks


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