Temple of the Unknown



Wizardom Legends: Temple of the Unknown

Tor the Dungeon Crawler Book 1

by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Genre: Epic Fantasy 

D&D meets Indiana Jones in a new treasure hunting series set in the bestselling world of Wizardoms.

A retired master ranger has disappeared, and his daughter is desperate to find him. When approached with this quest, Tor Ranseur declines...until he discovers this man went missing while following clues leading to a temple of legend.
The magical artifacts rumored to await in these ruins are too alluring to deny.

Joined by a dysfunctional crew armed with magical weapons, Tor sets off on a quest to locate, infiltrate, and pilfer the Temple of the Dark Lord. What he finds is something completely unexpected as monsters, traps, and betrayal turn the quest from dangerous to deadly.

If you enjoy fast-paced questing stories, humorous moments, and the discovery of magical artifacts, you'll love this all new series featuring the world's premier team of relic seekers.

Be it your first Wizardoms novel or your 16th, you don't want to miss this all new, thrilling adventure!

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I love fantasy, adventure, and magic. More than that, I adore my readers.

My books are written to entertain -- fantasy adventures filled with compelling characters, spectacular magic, thrilling action, constant intrigue, and a sense of discovery. I equate them to the "Marvel Movie" version of fiction, intended to be a fun escape.

I would love to have you join me and my quirky characters for one outrageous adventure after another. With over two million published words to my name, my author journey has just begun.

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  1. I love putting a picture of the characters in my mind the way the author intended, so I love this cover.

    1. I agree. My cover artist is great at bringing my characters to life in a visual way.

  2. Jeffrey L. Kohanek is a new author to me, but I want to thank this blog for the introduction. I can't believe I have not seen any of his books anywhere. He has quite a library on Goodreads. I need to get started reading.

    1. Fantastic. New readers are discovering my stuff all of the time. So long as I have a loyal group reading everything I release, I intend to keep on writing. If you decide to jump in, I hope you enjoy the story (There are plenty to choose from).

  3. I like the cover art and synopsis, Wizardom Legends: Temple of the Unknown sounds like an epic read and I am looking forward to it. Thank you for sharing the author's bio and the book details

  4. I like Epic Fantasy - especially in a series.

    1. Same here. That's why I write in series. It is just too hard to tell a full tale in a single book and, as a reader, if you enjoy a book and characters, it is fun to have more stories to continue with them.

  5. So many neat characters in this book!

  6. This sounds like and book and series.

  7. I love Indiana Jones and I think I would love this as well. thanks

    1. Raiders of the Lost Ark has been among my favorite movies since it released 40+ years ago. It was fun to wrap those themes into this series, since I have always enjoyed quest stories, puzzles, and discovery.


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