The Spirit of Harriet Tubman: 

Awakening from the Underground

by Spring Washam

GENRE:   Non-Fiction: African American History

The Spirit of Harriet Tubman, who was called the Moses of her people, is rising again, and we can call forth her spirit to embody incredible strength and unwavering courage. Combining direct transmissions of Harriet's message with insightful explorations of her life and legacy, this extraordinary book gives us support and inspiration to deepen our roots of resilience and become powerful conductors of love and truth in our own lives.

We can learn how to remain fearless in the face of hatred and confusion. And through Harriet Tubman's guidance, we will learn how to meet the challenges of this moment with a compassionate heart.

Spring's previous works have been praised by Publishers Weekly as "bring[ing] considerable gifts for conveying her vision of personal change and offer[ing] vivid, inspiring testimony to the power of Buddhism." And now, she inspires a new generation of activists to carry her message and her work forward.


On the outer level, the historical Underground Railroad was a secret passageway—concealed, hidden from view. It was the unseen corridor where enslaved human beings passed through on disguised routes. The symbolism, profundity, and archetypal meaning surrounding the Underground is relevant for this moment in time. This invisible footpath that secretly carried countless undetected passengers along the road to freedom has both inner and outer meanings. According to Harriet, her escape from bondage and her role as a conductor were part of an outer journey. The actual historical Underground Railroad with all its stops exists in the third dimension of our form-based reality. This is the earth level of density, solidity, physical matter, and form. It’s everything we can touch with our hands and see with our eyes. If you look around you, it’s this level of reality you’ll see—our physical bodies, the furniture in our homes, our cars, and airplanes. Most of us live only within this dense world of form. Harriet calls it the “outer level.” The problem is when we believe that this outer level is all there is. Harriet is saying there’s much more to the story here. Harriet says, “Enslaved people had to live mostly on the outer level, because we were physically in bondage. I was able to lead many to physical freedom, but then they had to deal with their minds. They accomplished the first step, to be free to live and choose, but that left them with half the story. It was half the journey. They were free but not free. There are other steps, and we’re at that stage in our understanding now, where many folks realize it’s not just physical freedom that liberates us from bondage. It’s the mind now that must be released.” If we live and exist solely on the outer level of reality, everything is dense, painful, and ultimately unsatisfying. We’re like prisoners let loose; we can move all around, yet we still aren’t free. We stay in bondage if we only live in the world of form and matter. The more we look at consciousness itself, the more we examine our minds directly, things get lighter and lighter. The first level of understanding is when we stop looking outward—and slowly, little by little, choose to look inward. Not everyone is ready for this level, but now there is a critical mass of people who are.

About the Author:

Spring Washam is a well-known meditation and dharma teacher based in Oakland, California. She is a founding member and core teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center located in downtown Oakland. She is the founder of Lotus Vine Journeys, an organization that blends indigenous healing practices with Buddhist wisdom. She was trained by Jack Kornfield and has studied numerous meditation practices and Buddhist philosophy since 1997. She is a member of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council. In addition to being a teacher, she is also a healer, facilitator, spiritual activist, and writer. Spring is considered a pioneer in bringing mindfulness-based healing practices into diverse communities. She has studied indigenous healing practices and shamanic practices for over a decade. She has practiced and studied under some of the most preeminent meditation masters in both the Theravada and Tibetan schools of Buddhism. She currently travels and teaches workshops, classes, and retreats worldwide.

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