Ahha...Guide to the Golden Age: 

How to Prepare for Very Big Changes on Our Very Tiny Planet

by D N D

GENRE:   BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

This Ahha...Guide to the Golden Age with the secondary title How to Prepare for Very Big Changes on our Very Tiny Planet is a mythic journey and a joy ride of discovery based on its foundational 3 Law and 10 Step vertical structure, with each level describing a rising level of consciousness. It’s actually exactly what the two titles express. Like any good story (though it’s a non fiction, it still remains the unfolding story of the universe and Us...here on mother Earth), it has its ‘good guys and bad guys’ and naturally ascends to its climax, with its minor 'AhHa' moments as well as major ‘AhHa’ moments, leading to perhaps scintillating insights and even an epiphany or two (depending on the prevailing winds), along with quite few very bad jokes and anecdotes, triggering mild chuckles or even more serious laughter on its journey...”To The Stars”….


“Maybe the whales would be ok staying in the water” 

How to begin? Since this is only my second book I can only guarantee one thing, it will definitely not hit the NY Times best seller list anytime soon,(ok let's not jinx it just in case). In fact I don’t know if this will even make it into a bookstore, but it should do well in the streets and the flea markets and the alleys, well maybe not there. I have no clue where it will end up. But it doesn’t matter. After my life of 70 years this is my legacy, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. I also have no highly respected, eloquent and world known personality to write this forward for me. I’m stuck with me. And I’m still not sure how to begin it. Maybe I’m experiencing ‘writer’s block’ or maybe I just can’t write. That’s it, I'm not a writer. What do you expect? I'm only a hippy philosopher. Thank God I got that off my chest. 

So let's try again. Let this be my guiding thought as I work my way through this thing.... that I will call a book.(who reads books anymore anyways?) Truth is I am a nobody. Yes I have been a hippy/artist most of my adult life, maybe at times even a hipster, but that’s just merely a very hip hippy. I have not accomplished a lot in life, in fact I haven’t accomplished anything, and may not succeed in finishing this book either. But though I am a nobody, I am definitely beginning to realize that this ‘nobody’ is really everybody. Everybody means every being, like “everything...all of it”, and I know no one will believe me, but I’m saying it anyway, so there. Some people call it the universe. I don’t think I have a big enough ego to compare myself to the universe. Then again the truth is, that’s exactly what I am, and this includes you all too. Some people even use that dreaded... G.. word. My tiny little individual self is all selves, as significant and insignificant as every other being in the world. This is the whole premise of this writing. All us little beings from the tiniest quarks and leprechauns (whoops leptons) to humans and super galaxies are all One Vast Being.... Us...Now... Here. So yes I am, in reality indeed the universe, and I should have an ego the same size in order to believe it. It’s called the Law of One which I will get into in Chapter 1. I am still stuck in this forward and it kind of feels like I am going more backwards, then forward, but never mind, forwards or backwards we keep on keeping on.

About the Author:

Deva Neall Depodesta has been a student of life and the arts for many decades. Born in 1949 in Montreal, Quebec he has been on a life journey of the arts from initial studies at Concordia University - BA communication arts, courses in music, 2 years. further studies in music, acting, theatre and production. This was followed  over the years with  further studies in music, video/film production, media, education, music technology at Capilano College,Vancouver Community College,Institute of Communication Arts.There was also ongoing personal study  in many aspects of music, theory, harmony, composition, instruments/voice. He has worked in the following arts :, music, performing, acting, theatre, film, radio and video/film.in many different roles as performer, composer, writer, actor, voiceover .This web site is basically his  more integral vision of life as understood at this time in his life   2017. It includes his many interests in the arts  specifically music, acting, theatre, video etc. acting promos,  written  music etc and video/photos in various  productions .But it is the integral vision perspective that he is most focused on. It is explained  in the three blogs he has written and will add to in the near future.

Q&A With the Author

1- What did I enjoy most about writing my book  “AhHa....Guide...”

     Definitely the answer would have to be... finishing it. After 2 years and a bit writing it and dealing with almost ten months of the publishing process (achingly slow) I am glad it is over. Mind you I did get used to daily getting up most mornings and start that days work hour upon hour, day after day. Since I didn't have a specific goal in mind of how long it would be I didn't know it would stretch out to over 450 pages. Integrating the many figures/photos/diagrams added considerably to its length. And probably being way to chatty also added unnecessarily to its final length. I am waiting for any reviews to mention the fact of  its being too repetitive, too verbose,too many jokes, too chatty too anything... But so far no one comments on any of that they just seem to be okey with the book and give me the 4 Star rating (3 so far) and Big surprise a 5 Star rating. I fell off my seat with that one .But I did get a 1 1/2 rating many months ago  and also fell off my seat with that one. I found out since, that that reviewer was definitely hanging out in the skeptics corner, he hated anything to do with so called “conspiracy theories” or telling any truths or facts about the actual world situation since and including the “Plandemic”.This is up to each individual's research to discover the Truth. The mainstream media and most world governments certainly won't help much in that department.

2- What are other books I am working on?

    As I continue to do my ongoing research into everything that is happening to our world now in 2023, in many different avenues such as: New world wide financial system  called the QFS, Nesara/Gesara, political changes world wide , the coming med-beds, humanitarian funded projects to benefit humanity,the truth of the Ukraine war, the presently imploding world financial system(especially USA and all the banks going bankrupt), the BRICS Plus  world wide trading system (actually it is the new QFS Quantum Financial System) which has now over 70 countries applyng to join,the spiritual awakening happening world wide etc etc. All this new info I am gaining from internet, books,and related research seems to be part of the newest volume of  my “AhHa..Guide To The Golden Age”. I will be dividing the present book into a Vol.1 shorter version of the book, keeping the bigger  470 page book (Vol. 1 and 2) and hopefully in the next 1-2 years putting together the Volume 3 of this ongoing “AhHA... Guide...” series, but it will be the  'Enlightened' version . Hopefully I will have reached a much higher awakened consciousness when it comes time to write the volume 3 version. In the mean time I keep studying what is happening, really happening, below the  surface in our world. And things are definitely heating up on our little blue planet, if anyone has noticed...

3-Plans for the future especially as it relates to my ongoing topic... preparing for the upcoming “Golden Age”. Aside from what I just noted above , my plan to do another sequel to the “AhHA...” book and my plan to get enlightened, I think that will be more than enough to keep me occupied into the near future. Getting enlightened doesn't come that easily or quickly for most people, ask any yogi sitting in his cave for 20 years. Ahh... but I have an ace up my sleive for that one . I happen to be involved with a spiritual group based in India, led by what many of us believe are two Avatars based on South India, have a massive gorgeous temple in South India (which triggers kundalini awakenings) have dozen of dedicated “dasas” (monks/nuns) who are fully committed to the plan of awakening  all of humanity through the processes they are working with. They are committed to helping the man/wife team (Amma/Bhagwan also known to very aware beings as the “short cut Guru) to fulfill their intention of helping to enlighten over 70000 people scattered throughout the world. I have touched on this movement in the book, called the 74000 Deeksha Yagna movement. Their goal is simple enough though enormous, help to awaken Higher consciousness in 70000 plus people, who in turn will help to raise the consciousness of the rest of the world in their respective countries. This is why this timeline we are in (2023-2024-2025) is a transition into the approaching Golden Age. We are in the initial stages of what is known as Ascension where many humans if prepared ,will get the upgrade from 3 D consciousness to upper 4 D and even 5 D consciousness. This is the reason I wrote this book “AhHA...Guide To The Golden Age” and the reason I am writing this blog. Read the book (buying it first also helps) and you will understand far better what I am going on about. Happy trails and happy reading....

4- How long have I been writing?

     I've been writing things like sentences, paragraphs even full pages like letters(which contain lots of little letters all jumbled together), and similar creative  projects for many years. My career spans many decades of these letters, emails, notes to myself and others, music and lyrics to music,play scripts finished and unfinished, essays and nonsensical things that are hard to categorize(even harder to understand), the two books, and a film script version of my “AhHA...” book only at the unfinished  treatment level etc.

     My mother also always secretly wanted me to be a writer, so I am trying to diligently carry out her last wishes. Although as think on it  she also wished I would go out and get a job, make money have a normal life, create babies so she could be a grandmother of my kids and the umpteen other grandchildren she has. To be perfectly honest I believe both my parents really secretly wished I would go out and get a job. I think her dream of me becoming a writer gradually faded away into the sunset along with many other dreams. They have since passed away, and unless the astral world can import softcover books from Amazon or Barns & Noble to that heavenly realm my parents probably will never see or know I managed to finish  this book. It was dedicated to them nevertheless, whether they will ever know it or not. I supposed when I die (assuming I have been a good enough boy most of my adult life) when I meet up with my good parents in the heavenly astral realm  I can tell them about this “AhHA..Guide To The Golden Age” and we can share our 'golden years' together. And maybe I will just keep on writing while up there just to keep busy and make my parents happy.

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  1. Not a genre I normally read but this sounds quite interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the author Q@A

  2. Not a genre I normally read but this sounds quite interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the author Q&A

  3. I hope your legacy gives you joy.

  4. This sounds like a very interesting book.

  5. Solid book, cheers to your tour.

  6. The book sounds very interesting. Great cover.

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  8. The cover is amazing! The colorful art caught my eye!


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