Quantum Reaction


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Life-altering tech is on the horizon, and someone wants it stopped—permanently. Can a murder witness escape paying the ultimate price?

Near future. Angela Kapp struggles with her past. Working remotely from an isolated cabin in a dead-end customer support job, she drinks too much and spends her days avoiding the world. But while on shift using a visual-interpretation headset to assist a blind person, the cynical loner is horrified when she virtually experiences the other woman’s gruesome slaying.

Shocked the next day when she recognizes the killer closing in on a second sightless client, Angela shouts for the software engineer to run. And after learning that he and the first victim are connected by a soon-to-be-released teleportation innovation, she convinces him to go to ground in her secluded home… only to become a target herself.

Can her paranoia and his unexpected skills thwart a sinister plot?

Quantum Reaction is a gripping science fiction mystery. If you like resilient heroines, unique blind heroes, and high-adrenaline action interwoven with humor, then you’ll love Marc Wayne’s flash forward to adventure.

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Read an Excerpt

“Hurry!” Angela called, attempting to take in everything as fast as possible. She had to guide JT safely through the T station. Rushing around close to fast-moving trains wasn’t safe for a fully sighted, agile youth, let alone a blind man like him.

JT hurtled down the stairs, making the image on her screen dim as he left the bright sunlight into the poorly lit subway. The staccato of the drums outside echoed against the concrete stairway and competed with her chest’s pounding.

Despite all the talk of upgrades to the T system, trains still screeched and rumbled below, their wheels and brakes protesting the rapid stops and starts.

Suddenly she was back in her nightmare.

Running through the night, flashes of light everywhere, rumbling and shattering the air.

“Angela!” JT yelled as he stumbled into someone when he reached the first landing, nearly falling from the collision and losing his white cane.

She snapped back. Aghast she had lost focus at a critical moment, she said, “Sorry. Another flight in two. You’re clear.”

As JT hurried down those stairs, she added, “After the next landing, one more flight, then straight to the fare gate.”

Biting her lip, she concentrated on her screen. She would not screw up again. “Okay, now straight,” she instructed as he reached the next landing.

But instead of going straight, he leapt sideways.

Abruptly everything turned black on Angela’s display.

“JT!” she screamed.

For the second time in eighteen hours, her view had disappeared.

About the Author:
Marc Wayne writes thrilling sci-fi mysteries. After publishing 8 novels in another genre under a different name and having several best-sellers, he has turned to his first love: sci-fi.

His years of marketing leadership positions in Silicon Valley honed his writing skills and sense of humor. Writing fiction was part of Marc’s everyday work for many years—these were just called ads, emails, and other marketing materials.

To Marc, it often felt like he was living at the intersection of technology and the future, where things you dreamt about could often become possible. After that, writing near-future sci-fi hasn’t felt like such a stretch.

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  1. This looks like a heck of a novel.

    1. Thanks! I think readers will enjoy it. It's a thrilling sci-fi mystery. Quantum Reaction is currently #9 in Amazon's Hot New Releases in Sci-Fi Mystery and only $0.99 through Friday. Give it a try and let me know if you like it.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring this book today!

  3. I am so looking forward to this. I love the premise and want to learn all about this teleportation innovation

    1. Thanks for the support. This novel explores what might happen if teleportation were about to become reality, yet not everyone were excited to see it come to life. Best of all, there are no annoying Star Trek beam-me-up sound effects. Snag a copy today before the sale price disappears. Please let me know if you enjoy it.

  4. I like how the intro and excerpt flows so well. Nicely written.

  5. Really excited to read your novel.

    1. That's exciting to hear. Be sure to snag it while it's still on sale for $0.99 this week. Send me an email to let me know what you think when you read it.

  6. The blurb sounds really interesting.

  7. The book sounds very interesting. Great cover.

  8. This story sounds really good. Thanks for sharing.


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