Sam Time


Sam Time

by Donna Balon

GENRE: Historical Fiction, Time Travel

When her fiancĂ© is away on business, lonely Samantha Hunter despairs and absorbs herself in historical research. Her nighttime dreams being so vivid, Samantha believes she’s traveling to a past century. As she navigates the Victorian era rules of dos and even more don’ts, she charms Ulysses S Grant while struggling to maintain her present-day romance.

Read an Excerpt:

During the night, Samantha had a vivid dream. She was in a rural town wearing her Victorian-style dress. The weather was cool so she wrapped the crocheted afghan around her shoulders. And her sockless feet were cold in her slip-on shoes.

The few men she saw were in worn, soiled work clothes and walked with purpose. The so-called roadways were not paved but dirt paths. No cars or trucks, but horses and carts. A few wooden one-story buildings scattered here and there.

This must be a dream in which the clock has been turned back, Samantha thought. But where am I?

She strolled, aware she had not seen any other women. Pulling the afghan around herself snugly, she walked with her head tilted down to avoid catching the eye of any man in whatever this place was, glancing up often to learn more of her surroundings.

Then two women hurried toward her, each carrying a wooden bucket of water. Their cotton dresses hung to their ankles, with full skirts gathered at the waist of fitted bodices. Plain white cotton bonnets covered their heads, and shawls were wrapped around their shoulders. They looked at Samantha disapprovingly. Her dress was too fancy for this rural town. Moreover, she wasn’t wearing a bonnet or hat; a bare head was a means of solicitation by prostitutes. She hugged her body with the afghan, which served as a shawl to hide her uncorseted torso.

The dream seemed authentic. Despite her uneasiness, she thought, Enjoy the dream. If I don’t like it, I’ll wake myself up.

Around a corner, she spotted a few men in uniform. Soldiers. Maybe the army. This might be a small town next to an army fort, Samantha guessed. Still, not a good place for a woman.

About the Author:

Author Donna Balon debuts Sam Time, a novel well-researched and professionally edited by quality talent from the publishing industry. Donna resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband.

Q&A With the Author

Does music inspire you when writing?

I found inspiration in listening to Taylor Swift. Her lyrics are specific. In her hit song All Too Well, she sings “dancing in the refrigerator light.” A listener can picture the romantic scene with those few words. You don’t need to know whether the refrigerator is a side-by-side or French door. It doesn’t matter. 

When writing, I try to describe specifics using the minimal amount of words for a deeper read. And try not to cloud a scene with details a reader can imagine on her own.

What would be Sam Time’s the movie rating?

This is a PG-13 rated book. It has no course language or cursing but there are sexual references.

What is something you’ve never done that most people have?

I’ve never been inside a Costco. My house doesn’t have a basement, and we don’t have a spare room to store a pallet of toilet paper.

What is a pet peeve in writing?

This is strange one: Sequence “from” than “to”—not the opposite. For example: She moved from the East to the West. It’s chronological and easier to understand than the following: She moved to the West from the East. 

What calms you when you’re stressed?

Knitting is relaxing and a good stress reliever.




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  1. Thank you for hosting my guest post today!

  2. The Victorian era would be a great time to travel to as long as I could come back. Intrigued.

    1. Agree. That's what inspired me to write the book about a woman who has the opportunity to time travel but still wants to live in the present.

  3. It sounds like a really interesting book.

  4. The book sounds intriguing. Love the cover.

  5. This is an intriguing combination of genres.


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