Sea Glass And Fireflies


Sea Glass And Fireflies

by Kate Ellington

GENRE:   Romance

Elsie Hayward moves into her uncle's seaside estate on what should have been her wedding day. All she wants is peace and quiet, and to escape the guilt that's haunted her since her betrothed was lost at sea. Any hope of tranquility is dashed, however, when Charles Rockingham arrives in town. A lifetime ago they'd been best friends and almost more. If there's one person she can't hide her feelings from, it's him. Charles hasn't received a letter from Elsie in over a year. He returns home hoping to recapture the deep bond they once shared, but shadows of the past stand between them. One last secret must be revealed before they can find their way back to each other.

Read an Excerpt:

Elsie Hayward cried through most of her wedding day. Or what should have been her wedding day. Her betrothed, Gabriel, had been lost at sea five months before. So instead of a white gown, she wore a traveling cloak, and in place of the wedding march, she was listening to her mother trying to talk her out of her impending journey.

Elsie had assumed that no more need be said about it, but her mother had other ideas. She waylaid Elsie in the drawing room while she waited for her father to take her to the train station.

“I don’t understand why you are so determined to leave.” Mrs. Hayward stopped pacing and sat beside Elsie on the sofa.

“Uncle Max says I can stay with him for as long as I want to. I’ll be better off away from all this.” Elsie waved her hand to indicate the sofa, the drawing room, and the entire town of Holderness.

“But how can you be better off in Sherwood Bay?” Her mother was not able to suppress a shudder.

“I like Sherwood Bay. I haven’t been there in two years.”

The solitude of Uncle Max’s home on the New Hampshire seacoast was exactly what she needed right now.

“You won’t forget Gabriel there,” Mrs. Hayward said. She crossed her ankles and smoothed the imagined wrinkles in her skirt.

About the Author:

Kate Ellington grew up in a woodsy New England town where summer days at the lake seemed to last forever. She read her first historical romance at age eleven when a teacher challenged her to find a book in the library written by an author she’d never heard of. Thus began a life-long love of love stories.

After graduating from college with an art degree she settled in the Pacific Northwest, where she currently resides with her family.

Kate wrote her first romance when she was sixteen, then set her pen down for years until another story floated into her head out of the clear blue sky. She jotted it down, just for fun, but soon it took on a life of its own.


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