Forever Human



Does the past really matter when you hold humanity's future in your hands?

Forever Human

Humanity's Last Chance

by Ian E. Slatter

Genre: Science Fiction


Does the past really matter when you hold humanity's future in your hands?

With just days of its thousand year journey remaining, the starship Renaissance 3 is on course to deliver its precious cargo - the last living humans - to its new planetary home. But a message from beyond the grave challenges everything that pilot Maya has been taught about her kind, and threatens the future of the entire mission.

As life aboard the Renaissance descends into chaos, Maya soon finds herself facing the decision of a lifetime.

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I started writing for satirical news website Newsbiscuit before going on to help edit the site. I also wrote some comedy sketches for BBC radio and ITV, then published my first two books - non-fiction works about sport.

My first fiction books were three humorous middle-grade novels, one of which won a Purple Dragonfly award, and I am now focusing on writing science-fiction.

I live in Somerset in the UK with my wife, two children and two black cats.

Check out my website ( to see some of the sci-fi works that inspired me."

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  1. I like the cover of this one. It really captures ,my attention.

  2. Thanks Debby 🙂 Hope you enjoy the book if you try it.

  3. Interesting summary. Cheers on tour.

  4. sounds like a cool scifi that will also translate well into a movie..


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