With God We Burn


With God We Burn

by Joshua Lange

GENRE: Historical Romance

Julien Allais, a French Catholic, prays for only one thing: to kneel before God in the Holy Land of Jerusalem, far from his home in Constantinople, the capital of the Christian world in AD 1096. Joining the silver-clad Crusaders arriving from the west to free the Holy Land seems like the answer to his prayers.

Young and untrained, Julien is soon captured, abandoned by the knights he had trusted. Despite what he was told, his Muslim captors are not Godless fiends. Ahtmar, a boy near his own age, is among his captors, and Ahtmar’s sister Zahra tends to Julien’s wounds. As Julien’s feelings for Zahra and respect for Ahtmar grow, he questions everything he thought he knew. The Jerusalem they describe is a bustling city ruled by the Turks for the sake of all residents, no matter their faith. It doesn’t need to be freed – it needs to be protected from the Crusaders who will destroy it in the name of their faith.

As Julien and his captors travel to Jerusalem, a forbidden love between Julien and Zahra is born. This love will change them both. Will it have the power to change a world at war?

Enjoy an Excerpt:

Father looked at me intently. “You’re becoming a man, Julien.”

“Huh?” I laid the completed sword on a nearby table, which also featured several other weapons we’d completed, from a mace to a flail and spear, but they were mostly swords.

Father said, “You’ve gotten bigger. Your muscles are growing from helping me at the forge.” He folded his arms, with his big leather gloves sticking out on the sides. “Your legs are in good shape, too, from our long trek to get here. Unlike mine.” He grinned.

I sensed that my father wanted to press me on something. It was a question he had asked me many times before, a question I was afraid to confront. Instead, I drifted away into the house before he could ask.

Dinner was quiet. Father and I sat opposite each other, and I crunched away on the beef and vegetables. When I was finished, I was still hungry. My eyes passed over the third chair at the table. That one would remain empty. Then, I gazed outside the door as the sun disappeared below the horizon. It welcomed a twilight sky, a stunning full moon, and a chillier evening. 

With the plates empty, slowly but surely, my mind wandered.

“Father… when can we leave the city? When can we go to Jerusalem?”

“When it’s time. You and I will both know when it’s right.” 

“You’ve been saying that for months and months.”

I felt a tension rise between my father and I, like the heat from the forge had wafted into our home and taken up residence. Father tapped his fingers on the table, softly at first, but then more firmly and quickly.

“And you, son, have been ignoring my pleas for as much time.” 

About the Author:

Born and raised on Long Island, Joshua has had a love for storytelling since he was young. He grew up with the larger-than-life characters and silly stories in pro wrestling and got lost in complex role-playing video games, and finally manifested his love at age 18 when he wrote his first book.

Joshua often reflects on the bigger picture in life and thinks most people are good, decent, and worthy. Love, unity, and respect are his core ideals, and they are woven into all of his writing.

He currently lives on Long Island with a loving family, which is he truly grateful for.

You can follow current projects, or catch up with him on social media; he is always open to making new friends!

Q&A With the Author

What was your inspiration for writing this book?

The story comes from my heart; I was in love with a Muslim girl, and we had a meaningful, long-term relationship. She still means a lot to me even though things didn’t work out between us.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

It was definitely a working through of emotions for me, and though that was difficult at times, it was a beautiful, happy experience just to write the story. I also really enjoyed doing the research on the troubling – but fascinating – Crusades. 

Do you have any other books you are working on that you can tell us about?

I just wrapped up on my seventh book, which is the fourth in my science fiction and fantasy series called Civilization Zero. I can’t say too much because my first book is currently with an agent, but it deals with outer space, extraterrestrials, and a conspiracy here on earth. I hope to have it with readers in the near future!

Can you tell us about what you have planned for the future?

Aside from getting my sci-fi books published, as well as my first novel, called The Sleeping Sun, which is an action-adventure about a young samurai overthrowing a tyrannical government in futuristic Japan, I also have completed the indirect sequel to With God We Burn, called The Angel of Death. That is something I’d love to share with readers as well – hopefully soon enough!

Anything more you would like to say to your readers and fans?

This is the first time any of my work is getting out to the public. As in, people will be reading it who are not my family – who are of course quite bias – and my publisher. I would like to say, “be gentle with me,” however I am confident in this book, and I believe people will like it a lot. I hope readers love it as much as I do!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshglange/

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