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Elevate Your Career, Double Your Salary: Transform Your Professional Journey with 'My Career Journal'

My Career Journal

by Career Tuners

Genre: Nonfiction, Self-Help, Career Guide

Not only are you getting rejections for your dream jobs, you’re getting rejected from the jobs you’re only considering JUST to get your foot in the door!”

You might find yourself relating to this statement from a victim of the relentless and unforgiving industry.

Nowadays, many job seekers struggle to navigate their career paths, grow professionally, and be creative in an intensely competitive job market.

Or maybe, you’ve achieved your dream job, but the compensation is not quite what you expected, and you’re dreading a “no” to your raise request.

In “My Career Journal,” I provide a solution to break free from limitations.

Stop letting external factors dictate your journey – take control, pave the way for the career you envision, and get the salary YOU DESERVE.

Be the leader of your narrative with your new career companion.

This practical workbook, enriched with insights from over a decade as a career and salary coach, is tailored for individuals at any career stage — whether you are just starting or looking to make significant changes.

My Career Journal” will help you critically evaluate your current situation, plan for the future, and translate your creative energy into actionable steps such as: 

  • * Define your career goals and set achievable targets with defined weekly, monthly, and quarterly milestones

    * Build and refine a professional portfolio that showcases your strengths and achievements

    * Track and record your accomplishments, laying the groundwork for salary negotiations

By the end, it will have helped you identify your career goals, bridged any skill set gaps, and ultimately secured the job you’ve been aiming for with a salary that’s potentially DOUBLED!

My Career Journal” also contains practice exercises, planners, and exclusive resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, interview, and SALARY NEGOTIATION checklists that can refine the quality of your career tracking and lead to an increase in your compensation.

Elevate your professional portfolio with "My Career Journal."

This journal is loaded with insider knowledge on resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile development and interview and salary negotiation prep instructions and exercises proven to lead to success stories! 

Speaking of success stories, here’s a recent testimonial from Katherine Zhang: 

Fatemah’s salary negotiation service helped me negotiate a five-figure salary increase! I greatly appreciated the logical and thorough way by which she prepared me for interviews and helped me justify the salary increase.”

Grab your copy of “My Career Journal” today — loaded with all my tips and tricks on getting that pay raise — and create your own success story

**Get it FREE direct from CareerTuners for a limited time!**

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Fatemah is a highly sought-after speaker and coach who helps ambitious job seekers find higher-paying, more fulfilling jobs. She co-authored “Resparking Creativity,” an Amazon top-seller that serves as the definitive career guide for marketing professionals aspiring to become directors.

Since founding CareerTuners in 2010, she has created free resources that have seen more than 150,000 downloads, helped hundreds of clients increase their pay, and built a network of more than 3000 recruiters. She’s helped her clients get jobs at organizations such as Google, The White House, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Deloitte.

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