Descendants of Atlantis



Courtney Davis

GENRE:  Fantasy Romance

Sorcha is a descendant of the Atlantean people, a race of humans who were once the blood slaves of the vampires of Atlantis. She grew up knowing that the vampires were enemies, the werewolves were beasts, and the witches were their friends. When she starts to question the situation her clan has been put into with the witches, a vampire who haunts her erotic dreams comes to the rescue. Samson didn't grow up in Atlantis and didn't choose to become a vampire. He hates what he has to do to survive, and can't imagine ever deserving love. When he finds a Descendant of Atlantis near death and nurses her back to health, he expects her to run at the first opportunity. When she offers him her willing body, he knows he would do anything to keep her, and that means hiding his monstrous side. But you can't love someone if you're hiding part of yourself. One look at Samson and Sorcha knows she erased him from her memory on purpose, but why? What could he have done to make her risk such a dangerous spell? With battle on the horizon and Descendants in trouble, will Sorcha's memories be the end of any chance at Samson's happiness, or will it lead to a new understanding of what these monsters really are?

Enjoy an Excerpt:

“Don’t worry, I’m the biggest predator in this ocean,” he grinned and flashed his fangs.  

It should have scared her she supposed, but all it did was make her tingle with anticipation. What was wrong with her?  

He pushed the boat back toward land, then pulled her in for a kiss, seeming to have no trouble staying afloat. She felt a rise of panic as the boat drifted away.  

“Katherine, I will always keep you safe,” he promised and took her hand. “Now, follow me, we will swim fast and hard, straight down. The vortex will start to pull and when it does, things will go fast.” 

“You won’t let go of me?” 

“Of course not,” he promised. “Now, take a deep breath.” 

She did, and then they were underwater and against every instinct, she was letting him drag her down toward the bottom. Soon her lungs began to burn, and panic swelled and just when she thought the panic might be too much, she felt a pull all over her body, a push behind her and a sucking in front. She was thrown through the water so fast she couldn’t have stopped it if she’d wanted to. She stopped swimming and clung to Ian’s arm with both hands. Her mind started to fuzz, she was desperate for air, and she was sure he was wrong.

About the Author:

Courtney Davis is an author of urban fantasy/paranormal/supernatural fiction with a little romance and humor thrown in. She loves creating worlds and exploring human, and inhuman, interaction. She lives in North Idaho with her husband and children where she teaches and enjoys time spent relaxing in the summer sun and winters by the fire. She has always had an affinity for reading and writing and a goal to make a career of it. There is no greater joy than to know her words took a reader out of reality for a time and into another world.
















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