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Starting her third year of marriage, Carrie Monroe O’Keefe had already been on the roller coaster of extreme highs and lows of a newly blended family. Thinking she could do a better job of navigating marriage, stepmotherhood, working full time, and all of the things, she embarked on a year of “what if.”

Settling into her role as wife and mom, she tried to find ways to do things better, see things differently, and reframe her thinking to create a better home for her family and to feel more at home herself. With humor, unwavering honesty, vulnerability, and sarcasm, Carrie finds her way through the year and to her true self.

Enjoy an Excerpt

From Chapter: This House is Not a Home (Currently)

It’s a bright Saturday morning and I’m looking around my kitchen wondering when, exactly, I let it get THIS bad. The dishwasher has been run, but nobody has bothered to unload it, resulting in piles of dirty dishes in and around the sink. There are empty cereal boxes lined up, I assume, so I can cut out the Box Tops for Education labels…because I’m the only one who can what…use scissors? Break down the boxes for recycling? Throw away the empty bag inside the boxes that once held cereal?

Speaking of recycling, there’s a bag of recycling on a stool waiting to be taken out on our “next trip” out of the house. It’s been there for three days and we have, in fact, left the house several times in those three days.

The clincher, though, is the kitchen table. Our puppy has a best friend that lives next door. He comes over to our back deck door and barks for Sullivan to come out to play. They wrestle, run around, investigate, bark at each other, bark at passersby, lay down to rest, and then start over. When they’re out and I’m working or writing, I bring my laptop up to the kitchen table so I can check on the dogs from time to time.

At this very moment, I’m sitting at my kitchen table and surrounding my laptop are:

•One little girl’s black shoe.
•One little girl’s gold shoe.
•One little girl’s pink slipper.
•The Nancy Drew book we’re currently reading.
•Large bag of colored pencils.
•Pair of my husband’s dirty socks.
•Empty napkin holder on its side.
•The art project brought home by my littlest little girl.
•Pad of paper with my work notes scribbled on it.
•Three place mats (one was a casualty of yesterday’s juice fiasco).
•One black marker.
•Work documents of my husband’s.
•A partially completed drawing.

My kitchen table isn’t even big! How, or perhaps a better question is WHY, is there so much sh*t sitting on it?!! And does anybody else find it a teensy bit disconcerting that there are two shoes, a slipper, and dirty socks on the table at which we EAT OUR MEALS? Anyone???

About the Author:
Carrie Monroe O’Keefe started blogging about her life by sharing stories of marriage, stepmotherhood, and how to navigate it all on in 2012. People said they loved reading the posts, so she kept writing. In addition to blogging, she released her middle-grade fiction book, The Whole Truth, in 2019.

Carrie lives outside of Minneapolis with her husband, two daughters, and dog Finlay.


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  1. The author is unable to post a comment and asked us to do so for her. From the author:

    "Thanks so much for hosting my book! I hope you all enjoy the excerpt and have the opportunity to read the book."

  2. Sounds like a book I will enjoy reading.

  3. I like the cover and enjoyed reading the excerpt.

  4. I would enjoy reading this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. love that cover and this sounds like a book i will enjoy.. and relate to as well

  6. This excerpt sounds great, thanks for sharing

  7. I love the cover art! The colors are eye-catching.

  8. This sounds like home at my DIL's house! Perfectly normal. I'd love to read this.


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