Spirit Woman Legends and Lies



Spirit Woman Legends and Lies
(Spirit Woman Mystery Adventures)
by Elaine Faber

About Spirit Woman Legends and Lies


Spirit Woman Legends and Lies (Spirit Woman Mystery Adventures)
Cozy Mystery / Adventure
2nd in Series
Setting – Sierra Mountain Foothills
Elk Grove Publications (December 9, 2023)
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 262 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1940781310
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-4294245132
Digital ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0CPWJH4FC


The legendary Native American Spirit Woman and her mountain lion companion, said to appear in times of trouble, are once again sighted near Lockleer Mountain. And there is trouble aplenty.

Twenty-four hours after Joe and his brother, Cyrus, quarrel over the ownership of a winning million dollar lottery ticket, Cyrus’s mutilated body is found in the mountains, ravaged by the local wildlife. Sheriff Peabody and Deputy Nate Darling are soon puzzled by stolen VA hospital drugs found in Cyrus’s bedroom. It seems likely the suspected homicide is either connected to the contested lottery ticket or the drugs.

Hearing of the crowds that inevitably follow such a disturbing event, Rosita Ramirez, a transient with two children, comes to Lockleer Mountain to sell homemade tamales. She is befriended by Nate’s fiancĂ©, Lou Shoemaker, owner of the Pooper Scooper sewer disposal truck. Rosita parks her old motorhome at the First Baptist Church and Lou aids her in acquiring employment at the local diner.

Soon, malicious gossip erupts about Rosita and the pastor. The church deacons are divided between ignoring unproven gossip, versus concern the gossip will divide the congregation and affect the future of the church.

In addition to finding a killer, Sheriff Peabody and his deputies are now tasked with exposing the perpetrator of the gossip, or the pastor will be forced to leave. How can the Spirit Woman and her companions bring about a solution to the troubles that plague the rural community?


Enjoy an Excerpt

Lou checked her watch. “It’s after 12:00 P.M. We should get going.” She caught a glimpse of a woman approaching their table. Assuming it was the waitress with the bill, she reached for her purse. “My treat this time, Judy. You got─”

“Well! If it isn’t Miss Sewer Truck in person and her chubby sidekick. What are you two doing here? Don’t tell me you know someone in the hospital.”

Lou’s stomach clenched as she stared up into Sylvia Mulvaney’s scowling face. Since Nate and Lou announced their engagement, Nate’s old high school girlfriend, Sylvia, delighted in verbally harassing Lou. Sylvia acted like she was Nate’s ex-sweetheart, even thirteen years after she broke his heart and married the high school football star. For the sake of keeping the peace, Lou tried to avoid her. With an effort, she controlled her voice. “Just having lunch, Sylvia. How are you?”

Sylvia leaned over the table and shoved her face close to Lou. “I’m fine, Miss Shoemaker. Trying to feed my kids without any help from my ex-husband, who’s currently rotting in jail. You still drive that sewer crap truck?”

Lou pushed back her chair and stood. “Look, Sylvia, I provide a necessary service to the community.” She tossed bills onto the table. “We don’t want any trouble.” 

Sylvia grabbed the strap on Judy’s purse. “Don’t go with her. Stay, and have a cup of coffee with me. Why risk having her stink rub off on you?”

Judy tried to loosen Sylvia’s grip on the strap. “Let go.” Sylvia released the purse and grabbed Judy’s arm, pinching it as she struggled. “Ow! Sylvia, stop! You’re hurting me. Lou!”

Lou grabbed Sylvia’s arm and wrenched her away from Judy. “Let go of her this minute.” As Sylvia’s grip loosened from Judy’s arm, she stumbled, and either accidently or more likely on purpose, fell backward and landed on the floor. She let out a yelp.

The waitress and a busboy came running to intercede in what appeared to be Lou assaulting a customer. “What’s going on here?” The server leaned down and took Sylvia’s arm to help her up. “Are you okay?”

“I was just walking by and she grabbed me,” Sylvia said, feigning pain and rubbing her arm. “She pushed me down.” The lie rolled off her tongue like honey off a hot biscuit.

Lou shook her head and gazed from Sylvia, to the waitress, and then to Judy. “You saw what happened. We were minding our own business and she─”

The waitress shook her finger in Lou’s face. “I don’t much care who did what to whom. Both of you, clear out. You’re not welcome here.”

Lou took Judy’s arm and whispered. “Let’s get out of here before this gets any worse.”

About Elaine Faber

Elaine Faber, an award-winning author, lives in Elk Grove, CA with her husband and feline companions. She is a member of Sisters in Crime (SIC),, Northern California Publishers and Authors (NCPA), and Elk Grove Writers Guild (EGWG). She has published ten cozy mystery novels, an anthology of cat stories, and multiple short stories in twenty-one independent anthologies.

Author Links: 

Website  www.mindcandymysteries.com  

Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/elaine.faber/posts

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