Curses of Midnight Springs



 When a lost wolf shifter meets a beautiful thief, their lives will change forever . . .  

Brooke and the Wolf

Curses of Midnight Springs Book 1

by Valerie Jo

Genre: Clean YA Paranormal Romance

When a lost wolf shifter meets a beautiful thief, their lives will change forever…

Brooke has been forced to grow up and take care of her ten year old sister all at once during her senior year of high school. With her drug addict mother mostly out of the picture, keeping a roof over her and her sister is more than a challenge. Without any money or food, she resorts to stealing at the farmers' market.

Peter first started turning into a wolf at age eight. When he gets too emotional, the wolf takes full control over his body and mind, and he doesn’t remember anything during that time. To avoid hurting anyone, Peter lives in isolation in the woods, only emerging to sell fish at the farmers' market to get money for supplies.

When Brooke steals a fish from Peter, both of their worlds turn upside down.

Brooke is just trying to get through her last year of high school. With too much responsibility already, is getting entangled with a potentially dangerous wolf boy a huge mistake?

Or will the love Brooke and Peter find in each other be enough to carve out a home in a world that has rejected them both?

If you love young adult paranormal romances, Brooke and the Wolf is for you. Featuring a cursed wolf shifter finding love with a human girl, this story hits all the good stuff. Get ready for one epic love story filled with surprise, danger, and drama as you discover if Brooke and Peter will find happiness in the end.

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Raven and the Ghost

Curses of Midnight Springs Book 2

If you know the guy you love is lying, do you call him out on it?

Raven has the mysterious ability to know when people are lying. Unfortunately, this superpower is useless when her father disappears without a trace.

To find her father, Raven teams up with Nash, the school’s most skilled computer hacker. Raven fakes a relationship with Nash to help him save face with his ex-girlfriend, and in return, Nash hacks her father’s computer for clues to his whereabouts.

But when Nash discovers more information than he wants to know, will he be able to hide it from Raven, the human lie detector?

Will they find love amidst all of the lies and secrets?

Will they save her father before it’s too late?

If you love young adult paranormal romances, you will swoon over Raven and the Ghost. Featuring a fake relationship, a terrible secret, magic, and ghosts, you will stay up late to read “one more chapter.” Get ready for the second installment in the Curses of Midnight Springs series, full of more surprises, romance, and drama as you discover if Raven and Nash can find their way to each other through the web of lies.

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Juliet and the Assassin

Curses of Midnight Springs Book 3

Would you fight to remember your past, no matter how terrible it was?

After being frozen in time for hundreds of years, Juliet wakes up in our world today with no memory of her previous life. Fate connects her with Michael, a struggling addict with a tragic past he’s fighting to forget.

Juliet is convinced that she cannot move forward until she learns where she came from. But as she and Michael seek to reawaken her memories, they are met with disastrous consequences.

All the while, an assassin is traveling thousands of miles to take out her target—a young girl in Midnight Springs involved with magic. She carries a deep hatred for witches and has made it her life’s mission to kill as many as she can to avenge her family. Juliet can hear her threats in her nightmares as the assassin leaves a trail of bodies in her wake.

Will Juliet and Michael be able to find love when the ugly truth of each of their pasts is uncovered?

Will they be able to save each other from the impending danger of a trained killer thirsty for revenge?

Read Book Three of the Curses of Midnight Springs Saga today to find out!

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Holly and the Unseen

Curses of Midnight Springs Book 4

If your greatest enemy was your only hope, could you trust them?

Holly is a wealthy beauty queen who loathes her cheating ex-boyfriend, Jeff, and his drug-dealing best friend, Elliott . . . but when a curse causes her to lose her vision, she ends up depending on Elliott in ways she never imagined.

Elliott has the power of invisibility and uses it to steal drugs from pharmacies. He sells them to make money to care for himself and his sick mother . . . but it is still barely enough to make ends meet. When Holly needs his help and offers money in return, he can’t say no—even though he hates her and her prissy attitude.

As they learn to trust and depend on each other, they find friendship and respect . . . but can that friendship grow into love when they have spent years hating each other?

Will they be able to forgive and forget all of the hurtful things they have done and said to one another over the years?

Will Holly and Elliott find true love in the person they used to hate the most in the world?

Order Book Four to read the epic final installment of the Curses of Midnight Springs Saga today and find out!

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Darcy and the Wildfire

Experiments of Midnight Springs Book 1

Who would want to live forever in chains?

In order to keep her alive, Darcy's parents forced a terrible curse upon her. She has been sentenced to an eternal life of misery under their watchful eyes . . . but this eternal life comes with its own consequences.

To avoid pain, Jeff wishes a curse upon himself, transferring his own pain to someone else. It leaves him isolated in a way that is far worse than he could have predicted.

In a twist of fate, Darcy and Jeff end up using each other as distractions from the horrors of their lives, only to find out that they actually care about one another.

Can Jeff and Darcy save each other from their seemingly sealed fates?

How many casual kisses does it take to fall in love?

Read Book One of the Experiments of Midnight Springs series today to find out!

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Curses of Midnight Springs Coloring Book

This coloring book is a must-have companion for the Midnight Springs fandom!

Featuring 46 colorable pages, the Curses of Midnight Springs coloring book will help readers dive even deeper into the world of Midnight Springs. Included are a variety of mandalas, quote pages, object-based designs, and decorative floral patterns--all printed on one side of the page with a blank back to avoid bleed-through (because everyone hates that, right?)

Elements from the following books are included:

Brooke and the Wolf
Raven and the Ghost
Juliet and the Assassin
Holly and the Unseen

If you can't get enough of the Curses of Midnight Springs series, this coloring book is for you!

(Also, be sure to check out the next series in this world, the Experiments of Midnight Springs.)

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Valerie Jo is a young-adult paranormal romance author. Her goal as an author is to merge the fantasy worlds of Sarah J. Maas and Richelle Mead with the contemporary romance styles of Simone Elkeles and Katie McGarry. (If you haven't read anything by these authors, add them to your tbr list. You won't regret it.)

Valerie is a Christian, a wife to an amazing man, and a mother to two beautiful and brilliant children, so she knows all about love and being loved well. Sadly, she had to experience much heartache to get to this point. Her greatest desire is for her readers to find love and peace in the pages of her books, and to never settle for less than that in their own lives. ❤

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