No Good Deed



January Bain

GENRE:  Psychological Thriller

A gripping tale where good deeds intertwine with hidden crimes and a quest for truth…

Katie Kelly finally has the career and house of her dreams, but it’s a life built on a shaky foundation. Everything she holds dear could be stripped away in a split-second if the truth were to become known and her secrets exposed. Her best friend, Sadie, is also involved in hiding the past. The pair have managed to move on since that day of reckoning that occurred when they were just teenagers, by helping others to escape bad situations.

When a young woman runs to Katie and begs for her help, Katie is compelled to come to her aid and hides her in a safe room, locked away from her abusive boyfriend.

But then the past rises up and threatens to derail her best efforts to help the young girl, exposing her and her best friend to the vulgarities of fate as the girl is discovered to have an unexpected agenda, harboring secrets of her own. Katie is left with few choices. With her entire life crashing down around her ears, she must act to save not only herself, but her dear friend as well. Can Katie stop the past from destroying all hopes for a future?

Discover the chilling consequences of one woman's altruism in the face of hidden crimes. Join Katie Kelly as she navigates the shadows of her past, compelled to make a choice that could change lives forever. Grab your copy now.

Enjoy an Excerpt:

I peeked out the window, keeping a sharp eye on the house across the street. I’d met the woman who lived there when Quinton and I moved in. Katie Kelly. Like I could conjure her up, the front door opened and she appeared on her front step wearing running gear.

She was the only neighbor I’d met so far. She’d taken it upon herself to come over and introduce herself. If only Quinton hadn’t come out right then, I might have spent some time with her, gotten to know her. I bit all around my thumbnail, tearing a strip of skin clear off. The pain was immediate and brough a wash of tears to my eyes I blinked away. At least it was a torment I caused myself.

I heard Quinton’s bike start up in the attached garage, the distinctive vroom-vroom thrumming in my veins. I hated that bike and everything it stood for. It was what had brought us together in a moment of shared passion for flouting the rules.

When he swung the hog out onto the street to follow in the same direction as our neighbor, I ducked back out of view. Please don’t let him be harassing her. It would be like him though. Always had to be seen as the tough guy. He even had me call him by his nickname when we were alone, Top Dog. Silly stupid name. 

He’d been a minor contender in his wrestling division back in college and don’t you forget it. Phttt. 

Of course, he had his good points, I thought, reminding myself to calm down. He found decent housesitting jobs that kept a roof over our heads. And he’d acquired some good connections over the past year that offered opportunities for our business. That was something else I was never supposed to talk about, the kind of business we were in, if I knew what was good for me. Still, he did what he had to survive, same as any man would do if pushed to the wall, right? I couldn’t be with a wimp, someone who couldn’t help provide, no matter his lot in life or his bad beginning. I’d overcome a horrible upbringing I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. And yet I was still standing, trying to become better. 

That reminded me of the list. I pulled the folded sheet of paper from my pocket Quinton had me write in my own handwriting this morning and reread it out loud. 

“Ashley’s Self-Improvement List: 

Never let anyone know any details about us.

Don’t talk back to the Top Dog.

Always smile when you’re with the Top Dog.

Be a perfect girlfriend for the Top Dog.

If the Top Dog asks for a drink, bring him one quick with a smile.

Remember you’re nothing without me.

I don’t know why I tell you these things because you never change…”

Tears filled my eyes and I swiped at them. Could I do this, make it work? I chewed on another ragged cuticle, imagining all kinds of scenarios for this playing out. My job. Putting stuff in the right place, under the best light possible. But I didn’t have a crystal ball telling me how to figure things before they happened. Well, I just had to work at not taking the list too personally. It was only meant to help me after all. I blinked away another wash of tears and concentrated on what I should work on first. Read a book, finish grade twelve, or get my hair done? 

About the Author:

January Bain is an award-winning author who firmly believes that stories unite us, that good stories help us to discover the commonality of the human experience by supporting values, empathy and understanding. She writes with her heart, mind, and soul, hoping that her novels will touch your life, giving you moments of freedom as you fly with her to other worlds.

Bain has had the pleasure of select novels being turned into games, and her work is also available in different languages.

January and her husband live in rural Canada on peaceful acreage where a variety of wildlife comes to visit regularly and expect to be fed and paid attention to.

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  5. A great title and a genre I love to read.

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