Soar a Burning Sky



 A Fantasy You Can Believe In.  

Soar a Burning Sky

Echoes of EonThera Book One

by Steven Michael Beck

Genre: YA Eco-Dystopian Fantasy

**Outstanding Creator Awards Winner!**

Long before the Great Clock of Stars began turning, the destinies of Earth and its soul were entwined. For centuries these twin worlds, Earth and EonThera, existed in harmony, in perfect balance. However, as SOAR A BURNING SKY opens, EonThera is now divided and aflame. Earth’s radically shifting climate not only wreaks havoc upon its own, but rains hell upon those occupying its soul. Reluctantly, T’Aura, the last of EonThera’s shape-shifting Change Masters emerges from seclusion and, in a final act of desperation, resolves to gather warriors from the very realm responsible for EonThera’s suffering: Earth itself. 


Four seemingly ordinary teenagers heed the steward’s call, embarking on a journey that scatters them across the treacherous climes of Earth’s surreal doppelgänger. In the unfolding chaos, their fates converge, ultimately guiding them toward theirs and the Change Master’s true calling: to restore The Ticking, the equilibrium necessary to prevent the body and its soul from perishing together. Only by re-opening the Guardian Gate—the portal that circulates the Ticking’s life-giving energy between the twin dominions—can T’Aura and her new TerraTo’Kai reveal to both worlds the relationship they actually share: that each requires the other in order to survive.


SOAR A BURNING SKY is a Young Adult eco-dystopian fantasy complete at 105,000 words.  With its captivating characters, its intricate world-building, and its heart-pounding set pieces, it would be perfect for fans of Suzanne Collins and James Dasher.

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STEVEN MICHAEL BECK brings a lifetime commitment to pushing the state-of-the-art in media and entertainment. He is an award-winning storyteller, filmmaker, screenwriter, designer, illustrator, sculptor, and author. The diversity of his portfolio which includes feature films, commercials, and theme park and attraction design, coupled with his artistic and writing talent, allows him to transcend the boundaries of any one medium and create truly unique story-driven experiences.

After four decades in the film industry, Steve’s current passion is bringing to life his epic narrative: Echoes of EonThera -- a Young Adult dystopian saga that explores the impact of climate change, hoping to inspire the next generation to heed the call to action. At its core, Echoes of EonThera helps us recognize that: “It takes many to save a world, but only one to make a difference.”

Soar a Burning Sky, the first volume in the Echoes of EonThera series (still in manuscript form), recently won the Grand Prize for Fantasy at the Chanticleer International Book Awards as well as a First Prize for Young Adult Fiction. Other accolades include the Literary Titan Book Award for Teen Fiction/ 2023, The International Firebird Book Awards/ 3rd Quarter, 2023, and honorable mentions from both the New England Book Festival and the Southern California Book Festival for 2023.

Steven Michael Beck graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration, Graphic Design, and Advertising.

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  1. I really like the cover. It seems so fitting. Thanks

  2. This should be a very good read. Thanks for sharing and hosting this tour.


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