Each serial killer Eve Townsend tracks down brings her closer to Tightrope, the monster who killed her parents and abducted her sister. 



Eve Townsend – Serial Killer Hunter Book 1

by Mark Lukens

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Mystery 


Ten years ago, when Eve Townsend was seventeen years old, Tightrope killed her family and took her younger sister, Maddie. Eve was left alive - the only survivor. After inheriting her family's fortune, Eve has dedicated her life to finding Tightrope, training her body and mind, honing her skills, using every resource at her disposal to track down Tightrope ... and others like him.

Her years of hunting Tightrope have turned up nothing - he's a ghost. But now a nearby family has just been slaughtered in much the same way her family was. Is Tightrope back? Eve believes he is, and so does Special Agent Parker - the agent on the scene when Eve's family was killed. Everyone lives in fear, waiting for the next attack.

Eve receives a cryptic message from Tightrope ... he claims he didn't kill that family - it was a copycat. He gives Eve a string of clues to find the copycat, but he also promises that each clue will bring her closer to him, and closer to the truth about what happened to her sister.

Follow Eve Townsend as she navigates the dark and twisted world of Tightrope, chasing clues that lead down a labyrinth of horror to a shocking end.

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Mark Lukens has been writing since the second grade when his teacher called his parents in for a conference because the ghost story he'd written concerned her a little.

Since then he's had several stories published and four screenplays optioned by producers in Hollywood. He is the author of many bestselling books including: the Ancient Enemy series, the Dark Days post-apocalyptic series, Sightings, Devil's Island, The Exorcist's Apprentice, Followed, and more. He is a member of The Horror Writers Association.

He grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida. But after many travels and adventures, he settled down near Tampa, Florida with his wonderful wife and son . . . and two stray cats they adopted.

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  1. This sounds so tense and exciting. Chasing him must be a tough thing to do.

  2. This sounds like a great psychological thriller. I like the cover.

  3. I totally love that his 2nd grade teacher talked to the parents about his imagination. As a retired teacher this touches me.

  4. This book ticks all the boxes for me. Great title.


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