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Fall of the Western Kings / Child of Evil by J Drew Brumbaugh

Out of Bounds by Eden Rayna

Special Guest: Elle Cooper

Special Guest: Syda Gonzales - The Glass House by Nancy Lynn Jarvis

The Garden Club Murder - A Visit from Tish Tarragon

Christmas Hope by Caroline Warfield

Last Night by Kim Deister

Fearless by Allana Kephart

Wrecking Christmas by Liza Jonathan

Legend of Song de Light Audio Play

The Eva Rae Mystery Series by Willow Rose

Cabin 1 by Amanda McKinney

Oware Mosaic by Nzondi

Criminal Intent 9MM Truth On a Stick

Alec by Giulia Lagomarsino

Anguish Unfolds by AE Faulkner

The McAllister Series by L.V. Gaudet

Not Suitable for Work by Skye McDonald

XYZ by William Knight

Leine Basso Thrillers by DV Berkom

Academy of Littles Collection by Allison West

Snow in July by Kim Iverson Headlee

Horn Sworn Series by Taylor Haiden & Angela Kulig

The Long Road Home by J H Morgan

Twisted Fates by Kitty Thomas

Relatively Happy by Whitney Dineen

Hunting the Devil by Suanne Schafer

90 Days From Woke by Nonye Akuba

Chasing Fireflies by Claudia Y. Burgoa

Accidental Rebel by Nicole Snow

Sunken Treasure, Lost Worlds by Hep Aldridge

Knightshade Series by John Grover

A Night's Tail by Sofie Kelly

Buried in the Stacks by Allison Brook

Buried by Sian B. Claven

Re: Camelot by E.C. Fisher

Good Grief by Vera Elle Unita

Murder Is a Debate by Brandy Nacole

Tasmanian Special Forces Group by C.R. Daems

Murder: Double or Nothing by Lida Sideris

Ring-A-Ding Dead! by Claire Logan

The CassaSeries by Alex J. Cavanaugh

The Vampire's Curse by J.G. Gatewood

Georgie’s Secret by Elsa Kurt

Shadow World Trilogy Boxed Set by Brandy Nacole

Violet Souls by Abbey MacMunn

Fangs and Frenemies by Cherry Andrews

Married to the Lord by Samantha Holt

The Carousel by Cynthia Owens

Forgotten Sons Series by Gina Conkle

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