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Talk of Tokyo

Undoing Time

Out of Temper

Winter Reading Online Book Fair

The Aesop Series

The Mistletoe Contract

Frozen in Motion

Waiting To Score

Kiki Coto

Laughing Can Kill You

That Night

The Light in the Darkness

Welcome To Drake Isle


The Democratization of the Private Market

Thorn of Secrets

French Ghost



The Perils of Paris

The Mayor's Race & No Halo Required

The Benevolence of New Ideas

Magical Mountain

Pirate's Paradox

Honorable Profession

Andy Gets Angry

The Prince of Summer

Flower Girl

Scandals of Tokyo

Doctors of Eastport General

Realm of Darkness

Heal Yourself

The Cape May Cozy Mysteries

The Shoe Diaries

The Lion Trees


The Widow Wore Plaid

The Kayla Walsh Trilogy

Dark Goddess Chronicles

Going, Going, Dead

The Nanny Song

A Black Man's Journey

Man of the Month Club: Seasons

In Plain Sight

Semper Fitz

Enter a Wizard, Stage Left

Sitting On Top Of the World

The Legend of the Dogman

Worth the Risk

Courting Mayhem

Murder in Second Position

Cold Brew Corpse

Tripp Unleashed

The Descendants

Daunting Darkness & Freaky Familiars

The Scent of a Man Series

Journeys: the Archers of Saint Sebastian

Brass Tabby

Seduction of a Duke

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