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Tomorrow Belongs To Us

So Hard to Do

Love All

Adoring Stacey

Tales From the Otherworlds

Legend of the Tragik

Week in Review Jan 22 - 28

Any Fin For Love

Canter with a Killer

The Key to Circus-Mom Highway

Owl Totem

A Grave Roast

A Reservoir Man

The Pepper Peach Murder

Week in Review Jan 15 - 21

Oracle of Life

The Vampire Billionaire's Secret Baby

The Phantom Glare of Day

Not Me

Spells, Salt & Steel Season 2

Shadows of Atlantis

Last Chance

Snuffed Out

Murder of Pearl

A Study in Chocolate

Week in Review Jan 8 - 14

Guardian's Legacy

The Lady Dragon of Chinatown

Dial M for Meow

Doomed, Unless

Rivalry Gone Wrong

All We Leave Behind

The One Day Diet

Skull's Vengeance


Leather and Lace

Something New for Literary Gold

Merlin's Apprentice: The Mage

On The Mating Habits of the Giant Squid

Family Pride

Moving is Murder

Any Fin For Love

Of Mushrooms and Matrimony

Gods on Trial

Atticus Everheart, Fifth Grade Tutor, and Monster Hunter?

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