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A Side of Murder

Victorian Town

Overcoming Autoimmune

His Marriage Gamble

Reaper: Aftermath

The Silent Speak

Return of the Raven

Casket Case

Spring Upon a Crime

Embrace of the Wild

Score Her Heart

The Cowboy and His Sweet Spot

A Deadly Inside Scoop

The Eagle & The Lynx


Bake Believe

Cherry Punch

Coyote Summer

Zendar: A Tale of Sand

Replaced Parts

Dead and Gone

Legacy of the Mask

Grace By Contract

Escapades of a Personal Stylist

Wedding Day and Foul Play

The Wise One


Decide to Live

Sylvie Denied

The Heritage Heist

The Awakening

Finding Forever

Myth Agent

Suicide Squeeze

Sin City Wolf: Howl

Mrs. P., Who Stole my Keys?

Hiss H for Homicide

We Are the Fire

The Loving a Young Series

The Duke Heist

Greenbeard the Pirate Pig

War of the Squirrels

Healed With a Kiss

The Bourbon Books

Author Spotlight: V.J. Allison

Love Has No Limits

Anne Ever After

Old Mrs. Kimble's Mansion

Battle of the Bullies

Louisiana Latte

Saturn (Planetary Anthology Series)

Project Love

Ivan the Giant

Chokecherry Girl

The Sweetest Valentine

A Beauty So Cruel

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