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Purloined Poinsettia

Love Potion #999

Ms. Nelly's Sunday School Class

The Mermaid and the Unicorns

The Adventures of Nicky and Charlie Through the Sprinkler

Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder

Cutter Kauai Sea Adventures

Discovery of the Five Senses

The Madness of Mercury


Male Revues and Subterfuge

Who Says You Can't Go Home?


Girls, Assassins & Other Bad Ideas

Charleston Conundrum

The Genes of Isis

Lethal Legacies

Tune In Tomorrow

A Shot in the 80% Dark

Calm & Sense


Home to Clare Harbor

Inheriting Murder

Sounds Like Love

Shadows in the Night

Devil's Kiss

Peace In the Midst of the Storm

Last Star Standing

Whiskey Love

A Killing in Costumes

Exile's Quest Audiobook

Lovin' You Crazy

Something Deadly on Desert Drive

Chasing Tarzan

Stranded on Castaway Island

The Fragrance of Death

Love is for the Dogs

Death a Sketch


The Chasm


Skate Cute

The Time Traveling Matchmaker

The Windweaver's Storm


Corpse and Robbers

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