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Bella Cigna

I Shot the Sheriff

Love of the Sea

Venus Remembered

The Shape of Stars Unknown

Please Don't Divorce Me

The Prince’s Bride Part 2

What Is a Dream?

Back to the Start

Lily Fairchild

Homicide: Party of Twelve

As Good As Can Be

Summer Warrior

Kill A Stranger

Book Endings

Open for Murder

Dead of Winter Break

Welsh Witch

The Two Fathers

Christmasly Obedient

The Formidable Earl

Cecilia House

Lonely Road of Faith

The Island Series

Walking on the Wilde Side

The Starmind Alert


The Light Catcher Murders

Of Spells and Fur

The Eulogimenoi Series


Viking Voyager

The Lantern Fairy

Mimi's Paris Dilemma

Lazarus Town Novellas

Mary & Bright

The Secret Circle

The Children of Time

The Five Core Conversations for Couples

Night Watch

Sommerville Holidays Too

The Frog at the Window

Cat Conundrum

The Waltz of Devil’s Creek

Blood Land

To Fetch a Villain

Rock House Grill

Mountain Blaze

Janey McCallister Mysteries

Evangeline Goes West


The Cry of the Lake

The Stories Stars Tell

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