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Through the Fairy Ring

A Day in the Life of Larry and Roger, A Pair of Diabetic Feet

Surrogate Colony

52 Weeks of Writing Author Journal and Planner

Their New Year's Beginning

Grocery Girl

The Scot Who Loved Me

Mirrors and Mysteries

Haunted Water

The Life

Harm Reduction

The Sweetest Ladybug

Lethal Assumptions

In For Life

Sleigh Bell Tower

The Christmas Unicorn

The Moscow Affair

Letting Go For Love

Frosted Yuletide Murder

The Falls

Tales of a Mermaid Gone Over the Deep End

Murder in the Badlands


The Abandoned

People of the Sun

One Will Too Many

Rough in the Big Apple

Demon Riding Shotgun

Underestimate Me. That'll Be Fun!

Beauty and the Deceased

The Ballerina With Horns

A Cry In the Moon's Light

The Widow Wore Plaid

Stop the Clock

The Sentinals Series

Mafiosa Princess

The Evening's Amethyst


Courting Mayhem

The Romance Novel Formula

How to Book a Murder

Three Coins


The Winter Princess

Arigale: Spite in the Spirit

Candles and Honey Cookies

Killer Words

You Can't Candle the Truth

Shadows of Atlantis Novellas

Danger at Dunhaven Castle

Adventure Cat

The Cowboy's Christmas Star

Hero Spell

Worlds of Fire

A Murder Yule Regret

Generating Gravity

Bear a Wee Grudge

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