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The Crystal Heist

Crossing Rivers

When Love Finds You


Beyond the Moon

Burning For More

Sweet Dreams

It's Not Over


August Fog

August Fog
A.L. Goulden
(August Fog, #1)
Publication date: August 1st 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Women’s FictionMonica Waters has 31 days to choose between the love of her life or her soulmate. Juggling an unglamorous Hollywood career and a clumsy injury with an endless cocktail of antidepressants and dull daily routines, Monica moves through her thirties in a fog, avoiding the pain of her damaged marriage, broken body, and fragile mind.Until he comes along.When emerging artist Quinn Matthews moves next door, just coping with the downward spiral of life is no longer feasible. Their powerful connection ignites a relationship that will tip the boundaries of their perfectly balanced lives, sparking a mutual obsession and life-altering affair.Monica tosses her prescriptions, striving to be free of their control, but with each passing summer day, dangerous secrets seep into their quiet suburban life, inching toward disaster. Sometimes the truth is hidden for a reason.“This is a…

Nite Fire Series

Chasing Magic

Hollywood Heartbreaker

Telephone Road

Rash & Rationality

Chasing Wild Horses

I Am Here Now

Talk Derby to Me

It Gives You Strength

Casting Shadows


Why Can’t Freshman Summer Be Like Pizza?


The Good Samaritan

The Art of Short Story and Novella Writing

Love Song

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Little Tea

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Behind the Veil & Birth of the Sand Viper Freebie Blitz


Quiche of Death