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His To Protect

Death of a Cuckold Knight

Damsel in a Dress

Southern Sass and a Battered Bride

Hammers in the Wind

Harvest Wishes

Newhaven & Everhaven

Reclaiming Ryda

Reel to Reel

Concrete Clockwork

Desert Rose

A Beast So Beautiful

I Can Still Hear You

Coldwater Revenge

Whole Latte Murder

Family Skeletons

A Season in Lights

The Most Eligible Viscount in London


Now & Then

Daughters of Zion

The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon

Clockwork Igni

Dragon Queen

Skunk Train

Mob Ratbag

Realm of Dragons


The Other Prince

Legally Blind Luck

Earth Arrested & Earth Quarantined

The Queen of Spades

Murderous Envy

Lady Rosamund And The Horned God

A Thousand Minutes to Sunlight

Silvermoon Retirement Village Mysteries

Finding Home Mystery Series

Braving Stars

A Road Trip to Remember

The Half-Orphan’s Handbook

Knitted and Knifed

Chocolate Raspberry Magic

The Scribe of Shadows

Embrace of the Wild


Monkey Bread Business

The Blind Switch

Shrimply Dead

The Edisto Trilogy

Let's Talk

Dogs of DevTown

My Peaceful Place

Darkness Made

Company Assassin

Under a Blanket of Blue

Raven Woman's Tavern

The Milkwood Murder Series

Max and the Spice Thieves

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