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The Eidola Project Novels

Thumb Fire Desire

Fairly Royal

The Chasm

Return to Wylder

Harley James and the Peril of the Pirate's Curse

Celestial Bodies

Pride of Lyon's

Death at Fair Havens

Neighborhood Watch

The Accidental Detective Series

A Glimpse of Music

The Versipellis Mysteries

A Hint of Mischief

Hot House


The Overlook Murder


Death of an Heiress

I Guess We're Heroes

Big Wild Love Adventure

Five Belles Too Many

Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders

Daughters of the Cosmos

The Sunwright Chronicles

The Collector

Violet's Voice

The Virus of Beauty Series



Valued for Murder

Rose Hawthorne

They Had Eyes of Silver

Bound By Vengeance and Mind

Daddies and Daughters Stick Together

Sweetwater Promise

For Better and For Worse

The Indigo

The Pure World Comes

Grief Club

The Bronze Sword Cycles

Bad Boys Don't Date Clumsy Girls

Miss Diagnosis

When Earth Shall Be No More

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