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Book Review Request: Stirred Cinders

We have another book available for review!

Stirred Cinders by M.J. Reed

Book Review Request: Detour To Paradise

We have another book available for review!

Detour to Paradise by River Ames

Book Review Request: The Broken Branches

We have another book available for review!

The Broken Branches by Becky Villareal

Book Review Request: Chicken Chronicles

We have another book available for review!

The Chicken Chronicles by Becky Cook

Book Review Request: Erin (The Office Scandal #1)

We have another book available for review!

Erin (The Office Scandal #1) by Pandora Tolson

On Sale Now! Bobby and the Monsters by Marie Blair

Bobby and the Monsters By Marie Blair

“Bobby,” Mom said, “it’s time to sleep
and dream of things that are nice —
kittens and puppies, new toys, ice cream,
and pie, but just one slice!”

“But, Mom, I’m scared to go to sleep,
monsters are here every day.
One always makes a lot of noise
and never goes away.”

One evening Bobby confessed that he is afraid to sleep in his bed. It is a quite often situation for little kids. Their vivid imagination creates a genuine fear about what is waiting in the darkness of the room. Bobby's Mom treats with understanding to his feelings and peculiarly calms him. She makes up a story that makes her son smile and ready to sleep.

What is this story about? Just start to read now, and you'll know it.

The book includes a link to download COLORING and ACTIVITY PAGES at the end of the book to entertain your child!

Author Marie Blair

Marie Blair is a novice children books writer with a sincere dedication to this work. Her primary goal is to create…

On Sale Now! To Each His Own by River Ames

To Each His Own by River Ames

When the past and present collide

Widower, Matthew Hollister, returns to the small Idaho town of Banner’s Point where he grew up, hoping to provide a wholesome environment for his son.
Matthew’s plans didn’t include Brian starting a feud with the son of elementary school Principal, Grace Banner.
It’s when the boys stop feuding, however, and become the most unlikely pair of matchmakers to ever hatch a plan for romance that Matthew faces his greatest challenge, resisting the widow of the man he considered his very own nemesis.


Grace Banner stared at the powerful male legs sprawled beneath the car.
She swallowed hard, reminding herself that there was no point dwelling on the past unpleasantness between her family and this man.  Not when the new unpleasantness between the Banners and the Hollisters needed their immediate attention.
Grace cleared her throat, preparing to calmly and rationally discuss the situation between their ten-year-old sons—their f…

Review Request: Bobby and the Monsters

We have another book available for review!

Review Request: Crooning Techies

We have another book available for review!

Crooning Techies by Shabana Mukhtar

Review Request: To Each His Own

We have a book available for review!

To Each His Ownby River Ames

Welcome Street Team!

Hello Everyone!

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