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The Price of Safety

Missing Colors

Blood of The Prince

Intro: Laconic


Garden of Hope

The Jason Davey Mysteries

Designs on Forever

Pharaoh's Forgery: Karina Goes on Vacation

The Funeral Murder

The Egg

The Miracle Ladies

Temple of Eternity

Hometown Girl Memories

Maraschino Marriage Pact

Pairs With Life

Get Minted!

Silent Screams

The Trey Parker Story

Tempting the Scoundrel

Murder in Devil's Cove

Jokers Wild

Murder in the Bayou Boneyard

Fly Twice Backward

The Uncontrolled

Mermaids Marry in Green

Life in Increments

Romancing the Holidays

Birth of the Fae: Locked Out Of Heaven

Hide and Seek

Hell & Back

Two for the Road

Prescription for a Lonely Heart

After Siege

15 Minutes of Flame

Shopping for a Billionaire’s Baby

The People We Meet Along The Way

The Vicar's Daughter

Love is a Battlefield

Grace Street Mysteries


Ivory White

The White Field

Sleeping with the Enemy

The Betrayal Incident

Return of the Wolfe

Betrayal of Destiny

Tainted Truth

A Novel Life

Hollywood Player

The Light Catcher Murders

Pairs With Life

The Reluctant Wizard


Against My Better Judgement

Blood & Sand