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Into the Woods

The Witch and the Stag

Never Say Chai

Life on Your Terms

Relatively Normal Secrets

Hunting Teddy Roosevelt

The Purple Bird

Love On All Hallows Eve

Knot Ready for Murder

Unseen: Evil Lurks Among Us

Silent Pretty Things

The Purple Bird


The Marshal's Lady

If The Light Escapes

To Fetch a Killer

A Woman's World

Forgive Me

Christmas Comes to Morning Star

Hysterical Memories

Laugh Clown Laugh

The House on Crow Mountain

Cruising On Ice

A Kit's Wish

Chances Are

A Country Of Eternal Light

Third Time's the Harm

Railroaded 4 Murder


The Masonville Series

Seventeen Butterflies

Deadly Cypher

The Beauty of Bucharest

Death by Leprechaun

In A Grove of Maples

The First Sin

Death's Curses

The Ghost Camper's Tall Tales

The Hotel (Series)

Cajun Kiss of Death

Hell Holes

Nature Is Unlimited Broadcasting Station

Murder At Magic Cakes Cafe

A Twist of Fortune

The Secret of Drulea Cottage

The Ack Ack Girl

A Scone of Contention

Frankie Shep Suspense Novellas


The Cottonwoods

Luna's Adventures Series

The Garret Cooper Series

Power of Midnight Prayer

Dawn Crusade

Grevy Danger

A Beginner's Guide To Green Living

Courage of One

A Soldier's Guide to PTSD

Zombies for Everyone

Oh! Olivia

Ghost Daughter

Shadow Tracker

Chasing Catherine


Building A Surprise Family

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