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Torch of the Defiler

A Child Called You

A Letter to Our Daughters

Pixies in the Mist


The Spiricom

Final Strike

Swipe Right for Murder

Find Beauty Within Darkness

Beauty in the Beast


The Corpse in the Gazebo

Blood Covenant Origins

Burden of Poof

Dread Watch

Love's Refrain

Burning Ground

The Mike Stoneman Thrillers

A Calculated Whisk

What Happens in Denver

The Girl in the '67 Beetle


The Cowboy and His Angel

Sing For Me

Trygg The Dinosaur

One of Us

Snow Globe Travelers

Fall Into Fantasy

My Highlander Husband

Swindler's Revenge

Family Secret

The Awakening of Artemis

The Descendants

swimming with the fishes

Love Over Kpop

Murder With Strings Attached

Pleasure Cruise

World of Stars

Deadly Summer Nights

Dark Secrets

The Librarian's Treasure

French Kiss

Ghost Cat of Ocean Cove



Simply Mine

The Shifter's Heart Series


A Season to Remember

The Valiant Series

Stranger's Kingdom

Photo Bombed

The Drop-Dead Temple of Doom

Malice in Miami

Pineapple Circus & Pineapple Cruise

White Feathers Academy

Quick Fix

A Bright Young Thing

Kickass Husband

Strategy Quest

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