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Trouble Brewing

The Heir of the First Tower

Beneath Blackwater River

Lady and the Tribe

Vintage Trailers and Blackmailers

The Eagle's Lady

Two Many Sleuths

Divorce Bucket List

Sand, Salt, and Spirits

A Blaze of Poppies

The Pig Wars

Punkin Strudel Mayhem

The Dominion Defiant

Mystery at Camp Esther

It's OK to Have Feelings

Novice Necromancer

Simple Tryst of Fate

Far Beyond Woman Suffrage

The Key to Murder

Mistletoe Cake Murder

The Girl You Killed

Cairns of Sainctuarie

All is Set Anew


Rainbow Man


Finding Camille


Festive Mayhem 2


A Shiver of Shadows

Something Discovered

Christmas Cookies on a Cruise Ship


Partner Pursuit

A Brush with Murder



Gnome Alone

Once Upon a Seaside Murder

Uncharted Horizons

Christmas Town Homecoming

The Majewski Curse

The Wedding Soup Murder

Twisted Tea Christmas

While My Guitar Gently Sleeps

Fateful Justice


The Assassin's Legacy

Deadly Precious

The Darkling Series

She's the One Who Doesn't Say Much

The Seeker's Core

Ye Gods! The Law Is An Ass!

The Light Through the Pouring Rain

To Entice a Spy

The Fog Ladies

A Perfect Bind

Deep Green Envy

Born of Shadows and Magic

Funny and Ironic

The Company of Stonemasons

Murder at the Christmas Cookie Bake-Off

Rescue Road

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