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Broadcast 4 Murder

Stroke of Midnight

The Children of the Light Trilogy

Shadow Seeker

Guarding His Midnight Witness

Spooky Games Club Mysteries

The Prince’s Bride

The Christmas Spirit

Try as I Smite

The Takings

Hollywood Enigma

The Best Doctor in Town

Pumpkin Pies & Potions


Saving Grace

Sleeping With Shadows

Instant Heat

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

Life with Ollie

Silent Scream

First Second Coming

Bennett's Got Beats

Battling with Innnerchild

Holiday Home Run

18 Things College Students Need to Know

Sea of Forgetfulness

A Case for the Toy Maker

Merlin Raj and the Drones of Sleepy Hollow

The Calling

The Blood Moon Series

Dainty Damsels: Fairy Collection

Beyond Relatively Normal

Pine Island Home

A Wisp of Fate


Better Late Than Never

Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening

The Killer Outdoors

New Moon

The Corpse Who Knew Too Much

A Witch's Journey Series

Key to Eternity

Day of the Horn

Sympathy For The Devil

The Perfect Revenge



Louisiana Love

The Dragon's Brood Cycle

Christmas Dreams

The Infamous Frankie Lorde

Cutthroat Cheerleader

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